The HeliJet SeraRider

The HeliJet SeraRider – Rank 40 to 90 (85% Win Rate) – The Power Cosmic Season

Our daily Deck Highlight aims to feature decks from our vast deck database (as we work to implement more filtering features, stats, and data) that our users have put extra effort into sharing, with detailed guides and videos.

Today we feature a Helicarrier deck from an anonymous user that went from 40 to 90 rank with a 85% win rate according to the description!

The HeliJet SeraRider – Descrição
Created by Muse23PT
, updated 5 months ago
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
6x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Starter Card

This deck has multiple win conditions;

1. Devil Myst with a new twist.

T5 Devil Saur, Turn 6; Mystique + Lady Sif/Helicarrier for +3 draw.

My favourite combo in the deck which is a great way to utilise Helicarrier, you can very easily max out your hand giving the strongest buffs to your Devil Myst combo while also dropping an additional 4 power on the board.

2. Black Friday Flood. (discounts ahead)

T1-4 QuinJet + draw cards, T5 Sera, T6 Chaos.

SeraJet discounts cards by 2, combine that with the multiple ways to draw extra cards and a turn 3/4 Sif/HeliCarrier combo makes an explosive turn 6, in one of my games I was able to drop 6 cards on the same turn and one of the cards was Leader, it’s a big gamble but it pays off most of the time cause of the discounts, I would try and pull this off if I can’t draw Dino.

3. Tempo Rider.

T3 Sif/5 or Heli, T4 Ghost Rider, T5 5 cost unit, T6 ???

This is a very straight forward win condition, letting Sif cut any 4 of your big cards and bringing them back with Ghost Rider will give you a massive power spike leading into turn 5 where you can play another 5 cost card, at turn 6 Fury lets you play on curve, Devil Dino can be supported by all your draw cards and helicarrier into Sera or Sera into Fury is a strong combo too.


There is a lot of cards you can sub in but they will add some instability or make the combo’s generally weaker.

Best Subs;

Agent Coulson – I don’t own him and in theory he could probably make this deck even more consistent as a side grade to the Devil Myst Sif/Carrier combo, you miss out on a card draw but you only need one card to combo with, also works great on curve and synergises with the rest of the deck. Maybe a Fury substitute, will update after I pull him.

Moon Girl – Strong sub for Fury or Helicarrier to flood your hand making collector/dino myst stronger and already a staple in most Devil Saur decks and when paired with Jet/Sera, you can pull off Devil Myst x2 + Sentinel combo’s. Adds inconsistency with high mana cost, needing hand space for copied cards and needing the cards you want to copy to be on the left side of your hand but strong pay off you can pull it off.

Armor – Jet gets shot down a lot by KillMonger, if you run into a lot of them then you can sub in Armor for either Cable or Agent 13, weaker draw deck but works well.

Okay Subs;

The Hood + Viper – great early game play that gives you a 0 cost demon when paired with Jet, only problem is decks space and what you are sacrificing for this play, only adding hood fills your board space and when paired with locations that add more filler cards on the board it can be suffocating, I think its a fine side grade for the deck but generally weaker than the current 1 and 2 drops.

Beast – Returning all your cards at the location to then get discounted further from Sera and sometimes Jet can create some big power swings but is inconsistent cause of your hand size, most games he’s a dead card but can be a sub for other pool 3 cards if you havn’t pulled them

Tech Cards – Cosmo/Enchantress/Goose/ShangChi ect, though they are good cards to add to stop things like wong combo or ongoing decks, they generally make your own game plan abit weaker, I would only sub these in if you are running into an abnormal amount of the same decks that need a counter.

Weak Subs;

TaskMaster – Replacement for Mystique but costs 2 more mana, can still make a strong combo with Devil but much weaker than combo’s above.

Please No, Subs;

Maria Hill – My second pool 4 card, same power as agent 13 but costs twice as much as is infinitely more weaker than her, the day she gets buffed where you draws 2 cards is when you can add her in but right now she shouldn’t be considered.

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