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Preparation Guide and Preview for the October 2023 Marvel Snap Patch Update

The next Marvel Snap patch is around the corner! This survival guide will help you prepare for it. Includes a countdown to the patch!

It’s that time again – every four weeks, Marvel Snap (usually) undergoes its major patch. The next upcoming update is expected on October 3, 2023, coinciding with the start of the new season that just started, Bloodstone! Everything you need to know about what this month entails can be found in our Season Hub:

In this Patch Preparation Guide however, we will breakdown step by step what’s happening and when, collecting all the information out there and help you decide what to do before the patch drops. We will cover the following topics:

  • Patch Release Date and Time
  • PSA: New Daily and Weekly Refresh Times
  • Development Roadmap
  • Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis
  • Card Balance Updates
  • Datamining

Patch Release Date and Time

If everything goes to plan, the timing of the patch should be around 8 PM Pacific Time on October 3, 2023. New time could also be on 12 PM according to the new reset time (see below). If not, we will update this page as we find out more.

Please note, the countdown currently bugged for logged out users. Please sign up or log in for the accurate timer!

Be on the lookout for the patch notes here as they are generally released at the same time as the update, and come back after the countdown has dropped to 0 to see if there has been any updates regarding the patch time!

You can also check out our Marvel Snap Schedule and Calendar section for details.

PSA: New Daily and Weekly Refresh Times

Take note, with the start of this patch the timing of the daily resets are changing to 7 PM UTC (12 PM PST) (+17 hours) to accommodate better for Second Dinner’s working hours. This means that new content will arrive slightly later than usual. For more details, check out the below news article:

Development Roadmap

Let’s review the Development Roadmap, which was updated last in August 2023. Most of the “Coming Soon” section has been implemented, so we should be starting to see some features in the “In Development” section as well as some announced features.

Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis

New Loki and Odin Emotes were leaked intentionally by Second Dinner before the new September season but did not make their way into the game quite yet. Will we see them in this patch?

Furthermore, a whole bunch of new Emotes were also showcased at the 2023 San Diego ComicCon The Art of Marvel Snap panel, based on popular memes:

There also appear to be new card reaction emotes, though we’re not sure if these will be arriving this particular patch.

More details can be found below:

Also, check out our guide on Marvel Snap Emotes in the meantime:

Card Balance Updates

In our latest Meta Tier List, we’ve concluded that the the meta is dominated by Alioth and the latest OTA Balance Updates did not fix anything. Hopefully, we get to see some significant shakeups in this patch. In the meantime, check out our latest breakdown ahead of the patch:


It is likely we won’t see much new things datamined in this patch if the pattern continues. We will likely see more of the December 2023 and January 2024 content with the November 2023 patch files. If there is anything interesting to note of course, we will be sure to report on it! Below is September’s datamining efforts you can check out in the meantime:


We hope you enjoyed this breakdown and preview of the upcoming patch! We’ll see you again very soon! In the meantime, check back later for news regarding the patch!

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