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Marvel Snap Patch Waiting Room: Preparation Guide for the March 2023 Update

The next Marvel Snap patch update is around the corner! It has cards dropping in Series. card balance changes, token acquisition improvements, and more. This survival guide will help you prepare for it.


Marvel Snap’s next major patch for March 2023 is expected to hit sometime this week and there is are a few important information to unpack and dissect! From the Series Drop, balance changes, card acquisition changes, and more, the next patch will hopefully excite players. We did see a small glimpse of what’s to come in the latest Development Roadmap so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

So, when is the patch?

While we don’t know what time this patch will drop exactly, we are basing the timing of the patch on:

  • Stephen from the Marvel Snap Discord last week that “Balance changes will be in our next client update which will come out next week if all goes well with certification and deployment. In that client update there are also improvements to token acquisition and the token shop experience.”
  • Steampunk Variant Rush event was announced to start March 21, but is not live yet
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead is being released on March 21 and is still in the game as a [3/2] when it was confirmed to be a [3/4]
  • Patch time seem to happen around 9 AM Pacific Time based on the last three patches

So the best case scenario is the patch goes live today, but of course, nothing is definite! Be on the lookout for the patch notes here as they are generally released at the same time as the update.

Series Drop

The Series Drop for March 2023 has already been announced:

5 to 44 to 3
Shadow KingM'Baku

Card Rebalancing

While we do not know the extent of the buffs and nerfs happening in the patch, however Second Dinner has let us know that they are targeting the top two decks: Thanos and Shuri.

Could buffs also be an effective way to control the meta? See what our meta expert den thinks about this topic and what cards could be buffed:

Card Acquisition Improvements

As outlined in the Development Roadmap, players who are not yet Series 3 complete will be getting four times more Collector’s Tokens, and will be able to claim a free one each Season, but with no option to buy extra ones from the Token Shop. We did a quick analysis of the changes here:

Here is the excerpt from the Development Roadmap:

  • More Tokens: We’re increasing the amount of Tokens earned on the Collection Level Track for all players who have not yet collected all Series 4 and Series 5 Cards. Starting at Collection Level 500 players will be able to earn between 200-600 tokens in Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves regardless of whether they have completed Series 3 or not. This is an increase of 4X for players who have not yet completed Series 3! Once a Card Series is complete, caches that would have contained a card from that Series will now be replaced with 100 Tokens. All of these changes will result in more tokens for more people! 🎉
  • Choose Your Card: Series 3 cards now have their own section in the Shop! Once per season players who haven’t completed Series 3 will be able to claim one free Series 3 card to help them fill out their favorite deck and take a step closer to completing their collection. Now you can save your tokens for Series 4 and 5 cards! 

You don’t need to wait long for these updates, both of these changes will be in our next patch!

So what does that mean? Specific Series 3 cards might be harder to come by for players at the expense of easier to acquire Series 4 and 5 cards. As there are a few staples in Series 3 (before any nerfs or buffs) right now such as Aero, Death, She-Hulk, Sera, Mystique, and more, you may want to review how you want to individually approach your progression and what cards you want to play with depending on how far you are into Series 3.

Options include saving up your caches for the extra tokens, or trying to complete as much Series 3 cards as possible. You could even delay updating the game to farm more caches or cycle through the Token Shop (if this is still possible with this patch).

Steampunk Variant Rush

As mentioned above, the hint of a new patch being March 21 was the announced start date of the Steampunk Variant Rush event, where players can open the five Steampunk variants from Collector’s Reserves (Collection Level 500+). Since the contents of the reserves have to be changed, the speculation is that a patch is required for this to happen. Some players have been banking up their reserves and Credits for to get all the cosmetics collectables here! Details on the event are below:

New Card: Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Not directly related to the patch, but Negasonic Teenage Warhead will be released as a new Series 5 card on March 21 as well. Another hint that the patch is required, is that currently it is included in the game as a [3/2], but the announced card has confirmed the new stats to be [3/4] rather than the initially datamined version.

In the meantime,. check out SafetyBlade’s theorycraft article who is quite excited for the card!


We’re not sure if this patch will add too much other than the mentioned changes, but we could also be in for some surprises with the datamining! Be on the lookout for new cards, bundles, variants, potentially the May 2023 Season, and more, as soon as the patch drops. As always, make sure to check out our YouTube channel for the latest video updates, and our Discord community to discuss further. We’ll see you again very soon!

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