JujuWave – Jubilee and Wave Deck – The Power Cosmic Season

Our daily Deck Highlight aims to feature decks from our vast deck database (as we work to implement more filtering features, stats, and data) that our users have put extra effort into sharing, with detailed guides and videos.

Today we feature a deck by persiopadre, based on the popular Jubilee Done Right deck in our deck database. This deck has a lot of flexibility and replacements for the Pool 3 cards, and the original one is also Pool 2 only so be sure to check that out as well!

The deck is built heavily around Jubilee and adds Wave to cheat huge powered units on the battlefield, and so much so that we want to manipulate our draws with Quicksilver, Domino, and America Chavez. For more information on that, check out our dedicated guides on these topics:

JujuWave ✨🌊 [Read Description]
Created by persiopadre
, updated 9 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
2x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
2x Starter Card
  1. This deck is built around Jubilee and Wave.
  2. This deck is based on the popular “Jubilee Done Right“, because the % chance of not drawing 5-6 energy cards early on it’s indeed the best way to use the full potential of Jubilee, same aplies to Wave.
  3. Many Jubilee decks rely only on her, in my experience I wasn’t enjoying the game as I wanted waiting only for one draw to have fun.
  4. With Wave in the deck, now on turn 4 or 5 without Jubilee, i can use the 5-6 Energy cards.


  1. Vision, Spider-Woman and Magneto are optional but i really enjoy using these 3 because
  2. Vision to have the Turn 6 movement, this brought some easy wins in the end, specially in matches with ‘locked locations’;
  3. Magneto works like a Hulk with effects to disrupt the enemy strategy;
  4. Spider-Woman just do her thing with 3 or 4 cards in the enemy location just depending on the situation.

Situational strats

  1. I hold on to Quicksilver and Domino or just Quicksilver depending on 99% of the situations to buff Devil Dinosaur.
  2. Wave turn 3, Odin turn 4 is one other viable strategy to drop more power 5-6 cards if you haven’t draw Jubilee

You might Other 5-6 energy or High Power cards you might try or enjoy using for exemple are:

  1. Agatha Harkness Watch your favorite streamer playing your own deck 😀 And a quick reminder here, if you put her on your deck, remove Devil Dinosaur, because she WILL play Quicksilver and Domino on every match, also it’s very likely that she will play herself if she put Wave on the field and on Turn 6.
  2. Doctor Doom This one with Odin +25 power on the field.
  3. Gamora Possible +12 power with 5e
  4. Klaw +10 on the field, or +16 if there is a Onslaught’s Citadel on the match
  5. Hobgoblin -8 power and, -1 slot on the location, which is ,for me, the most important part of the card
  6. Giganto +14 POWER. (what else do you want?)
  7. Magik Possibility to draw that one card you want and use it to snap the victory
  8. Heimdall Mess on the field might destroy the opponent’s strat
  9. Abomination +9 power 5e, it’s ok
  10. Typhoid Mary You will probably have just a couple of cards on the field, the debuff might be minimal
  11. Red Skull +15 power but a possible +8 power for the opponent
  12. Death +12 if you’re lucky to draw her with Jubilee
  13. She Hulk easy +10, specially if you are skiping the 3rd turn


JUST LIKE THE “Jubilee Done Right


There’s no shame on retreating from a match, save your cubes

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