New Card She-Hulk and Hellcow Nerf on the Cards for Marvel Snap’s Third Season

Marvel Snap’s second season, Love and Thunder, is due to end tomorrow at 8 PM PST, and with it, a new season and patch can be expected along with it. Not much information is known to the public, but today Leading Product of Second Dinner Stephen Jarrett, teased us a bit of what’s may be coming tomorrow:

The new Disney Plus TV show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is set to premiere on August 18, and the new season theme has been speculated to be related to that amongst players already:

The third season’s new card obtained when purchasing the Premium Season Pass, is expected to be She-Hulk. The current datamined version of the card was reiterated in the last patch to the current one as we know it now, and looks to be incredible in the already powerful DeathWave deck. Could she be more impactful than Thor and Jane Foster in the current meta?

As for Hellcow, it has already been noted by Ben Brode that it is on the watchlist for being a bit too powerful for its effect. The Discard synergies it can produce and being able to just play it without any cards in hand on the last turns doesn’t make the card have a big downside. As a dominant, almost ubiquitous card in the current meta, we may see its cost and power adjusted as hinted in the Tweet.

Players are also due for a refund for the recent Nexus Event cancellation and a free Jane Foster card for everyone (which may or may not happen this upcoming patch), as well as the addition of Wave from the first season into the Pool 3 Mystery Card rewards. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or our Discord community!

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