Marvel Snap Twitch Drops – GAMESCOM OPENING NIGHT LIVE 2023

For the first time in Marvel Snap, Twitch Drops becomes available and the first free reward for watching Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 will be the Spider-Man Variant and Avatar by Max Grecke!

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For the first time in Marvel Snap, Twitch Drops became available and the first reward for watching Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 (starting on August 22nd at 11AM PT) will be the Spider-Man Variant and Avatar by Max Grecke.


Tune into Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 starting on August 22nd at 11AM PT for a special MARVEL SNAP announcement. Earn AWESOME rewards while you’re watching the main stream OR any Special Events co-stream on Twitch! Just make sure your Twitch and MARVEL SNAP accounts are linked and watch for 30 minutes to unlock rewards:

Already have Spider-Man Variant by Max Grecke in your Collection? No worries! You’ll receive a whopping 1200 Gold instead.

If you have the variant in your Daily Offers, make sure to buy it, and it will count towards the Premium Mystery Variant progress.


  • Start: Tuesday, August 22nd at 11 AM PT
  • End: Concludes with the end of Opening Night Live broadcast
  • Where to Watch: or any Special Events stream co-streaming Opening Night Live!
  • Link Your Accounts:
  • How to Claim: Log into your MARVEL SNAP linked account to claim your rewards via Inbox! Make sure you login and claim your ONL Twitch Drops before Aug 25th! Twitch Drops unlocked during Opening Night Live will no longer be available to collect after August 25th.

Check out the live stream with us below, and follow all the news and announcements!


Q: What are Twitch Drops?

A: Twitch Drops are in-game rewards earned by watching your favorite MARVEL SNAP streams on Twitch! To learn more about the available drops, read here.

Q: How can I get Twitch Drops rewards?

A: Link your MARVEL SNAP account and Twitch account and be sure that your game is updated to the latest patch — Then tune into any Twitch streams under the MARVEL SNAP category!

Q: Is there any way to check my progress towards the next drop?

A: You can track your rewards progress at any time on the Twitch Drops Inventory Page here.

Q: Will I receive my Twitch Drops rewards in-game automatically? How long will it take?

A: Yes, rewards are directly sent to your game account via Inbox at the time they are claimed on Twitch. You may need to restart the game in order to receive the Inbox message.

Q: How do I unlink my SNAP account with my Twitch account?

A: To unlink the accounts, select “Unconnect” under MARVEL SNAP on the Twitch Account Connection page here.

Q: I no longer have access to the Twitch account I linked my SNAP account to and want to link a new one. What should I do?

A: If it is not possible to unlink your linked Twitch account, you can contact the MARVEL SNAP Support Team to link a new Twitch account to your SNAP account: [email protected]

Q: What should I do if I have not received the rewards?

A: First, restart your game and check the in-game inbox. If that doesn’t solve it, contact the MARVEL SNAP Support Team: [email protected]

Wrap Up

As a reminder, you only have little time before you can claim the free 500 Credit code GAMESCOM! Details can be found here:

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  1. It’s cool that Twitch Drops are starting to become a thing now for Snap. Hopefully a lot more opportunities to come with various broadcasts.
    Next step would be to get in on the Amazon Prime offers and insert some extra goodies for the community that way.

      • Prime is already an integral part of Twitch (along with gifting a streamer of choice a sub) with dozens upon dozens of games in the program, so that would be the most natural extension.

        Technically you wouldn’t need to own Prime for this, as long as you’ve got a trusted friend/family member willing to hook you up. That’s how I got my Hearthstone freebies. But that’s an ‘if’ for the time being.

    • That’s a different (next) campaign, apparently starting an hour after the Opening Night one listed here. It’s literally called “PC Launch Twitch Drops” and going to run for an entire week, with 2 hours of watch time needed per each of these listed rewards.

  2. Well, that was not helpful!

    This article says “Make sure you login and claim your ONL Twitch Drops before Aug 25th! Twitch Drops unlocked during Opening Night Live will no longer be available to collect after August 25th.”

    Based on that, I thought that you could claim the drops on Twitch up to Aug 25. Instead, while I watched enough of the stream to qualify (at 4am, from Australia) I went back to bed without claiming the drop via Twitch’s inventory page and now have missed out on the rewards because the Twitch campaign was only open for 2.5 hours.

    If you’re going to provide detailed advice, make sure it’s correct.

    • 4am? Dedicated. I couldn’t justify lack of sleep to stream at 2am. It would’ve been nice if the global player base was considered in these time limited rewards.

    • While the August 25 cut-off point listed there seems to be misleading, regretably, based on the info provided I’m surprised you say you have missed out.
      The claim time for Twitch Drops is never fully limited to the duration of the campaign itself, as you do get some extra time to grab them afterwards. In this particular case, my Twitch notification stated that I was eligible to get loot and that I should claim it by August 23 8:24 pm UTC time. Have you tried double checking via the Inventory page or by your notification?

      • Yes, they closed the campaign promptly on finishing the stream and that’s it – no claims available.

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