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Are There Problems With the Weekend Challenge Missions?

Weekend Challenge Missions had their durations reduced from 72 to 48 hours without notice from Second Dinner. Is this still a good system for extra rewards?

The Weekend Challenge Missions were introduced with the patch on June 13, 2023, as a way of being a small rebate on purchasing new Marvel Snap cards. We even started doing guides for the cards involved in them, proposing how the cards were performing and what decks would be ideal for completing these Missions. Since then, they have been a bit of a talking point, and this weekend their duration has been reduced from 72 hours to 48 without notice. We will take the time here to talk about the system!

A Rough Introduction

The first set of Weekend Challenges were meant to be going live with Silk. Marvel Snap has had problems with introducing new features to the game thus far, and this was no exception. The Missions did not go live as planned, and instead players just got compensation for the intended rewards instead:

  • 1000 Collector’s Tokens to everyone who purchased Silk during her spotlight week
  • 150 Gold to Ghost-Spider Season Pass owners
  • 200 Credits to all players

Too Much Work, Too Little Reward?

What started off as a big enough reward to incentivize players, with the new Spotlight Cache system the rewards for Weekend Challenges were reduced over time. Let’s take a quick look below.


Win Matches1,500 Season Pass XP
Win with Ghost-Spider starting in your Deck150 Gold
Win with Silk starting in your Deck1,000 Collector’s Tokens
Win with Spider-Ham starting in your Deck300 Collector’s Tokens
Win with Spider-Man 2099 starting in your Deck300 Collector’s Tokens

Rise of the Phoenix

Win Matches200 Credits
Win with Patriot starting in your Deck150 Gold
Win with The Phoenix Force starting in your Deck100 Collector’s Tokens
Win with Jean Grey starting in your Deck300 Collector’s Tokens
Win with Echo starting in your Deck300 Collector’s Tokens
Win with Legion starting in your Deck500 Collector’s Tokens
Win with Mirage starting in your Deck100 Collector’s Tokens

Big in Japan

Win Matches200 Credits
Win with Nimrod starting in your Deck150 Gold
Win with Daken starting in your Deck100 Collector’s Tokens

While Second Dinner did indeed communicate that these Missions were not meant to be a big reward at all and would depend on the card and number of matches, the rewards may not seem proportional to the effort required to many players.

A Forced Meta

Another issue, similar to Featured and Hot Locations but this time more narrowed down depending on the card featured, players will be shoehorned to playing similar decks with each other. Nimrod was indeed one of those cards that have its specific deck and players could choose to counter it or play its best deck.

Due to Marvel Snap’s inherent game design of 12 cards per deck, it will be interesting to see if there are any specific solutions for this kind of reward system.

Reduced Duration

Weekend Challenge Screenshot

With the Daken and Nimrod Weekend Challenges, the duration was reduced from 72 to 48 hours. That is, starting from Saturday 3 AM GMT to Monday 3 AM GMT. While technically this is true in terms of the definition of a weekend, Second Dinner operates on United States time (such as patch and OTA updates). This means that originally it covered the basis for all time zones from Friday all the way to Monday.

Until we wait for further communication from Second Dinner, we cannot confirm that this is intended or confirmed for next week.

Wrap Up

What do you think about this system? While technically the rewards are free, it might still leave a bitter taste. Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Like many things, when it comes to the Snap economy, weekend missions are not particularly fun, IMO. They are quite grindy, and force you to use cards you may not even enjoy. However, after the devs stripped gold, and tokens, from Collectors Caches, even small rewards feel almost obligatory.

  2. The forced meta aspect sucks; especially above Infinite if you want to spend your time in Conquest with longer queue times and higher stakes. At 5 wins a day across 3 days the 15 win mission still sucked, across 2 days it is highly annoying.

    No problem with the missions being 2 days or with the 3 win one for the newest card, but the 15 win one needs to be turned into something more generic like play 3 cost cards X 10 or something.

  3. Since we don’t get much tokens from caches anymore and no gold at all. We feel forced to complete weekend challenges and wining 15 games with the same card and this is way too much.
    Last month was a torture for me. I HATED phoenix, I really did HATE that card and I had to play it, otherwise I wouldn’t get the rewards. So I put it in a lockjaw deck and hoped to not draw that chiken and if I ever did I would throw it on lockjaw to get something else.
    At leat Daken is nice. But this weekend with 15 Ninrod games was so annoying, everyone were playwing Shuri+Ninrod every single game, and with Erlysium as hot location I just played against destroyer ramp all weekend.
    This almost makes me to not want to play the game during weekends anymore.

  4. I like how the article asks “Is this still a good system for extra rewards?” acting like this system was good to begin with. It was always an awful system using limited availability and every other horrible predatory technique mobile games use to instill fear of missing out in an attempt to psychologically force you to play instead of playing whenever you want just to have fun.

  5. All valid points in the article, and every single comment posted here speaks the truth. It’s a very tiresome system with a host of issues, and not a generous one to boot.
    The fact we have to make a decision whether to buy a new card within a week of its release (rather than have something like a month to think about it) or miss out on the token bonus is yet another factor that feels bad.

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