Marvel Snap September 14, 2023 OTA Card Balance Updates: The Collector Nerfed, Shadow King, Lady Sif, Spider-Ham and Black Cat Buffed

An "over the air" (OTA) update has been made to Marvel Snap: The Collector Nerfed, Shadow King, Lady Sif, Spider-Ham and Black Cat Buffed.

Marvel Snap’s “Over the Air” hotfixes to cards are now live for September 14, 2023 – no need for a game update! Five cards have been changed as part of a scheduled balancing cycle: The Collector, Shadow King, Lady Sif, Spider-Ham and Black Cat has had their power and cost adjusted. Check out the full details below!


For our analysis and some decks you can try, check out our article!

September 14th – Balance Updates

Today, we are burdened with glorious purpose. It’s been a wild start to the season for MARVEL SNAP, with Loki leaping into the metagame and setting it spinning. While we know Loki decks have been everywhere–they’re one of the most popular archetypes in the history of the game–the actual performance of these decks has not been hyper-concerning, as the metagame rapidly shifted to favor linear strategies that could dodge their own cards well. Today’s OTA will seek to push a few other cards into the limelight while shaving some strength away from decks based on the trickster god himself.

The Collector

  • [Old] 2/2 – When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +1 Power.
  • [Change] 2/2 -> 2/0

Taneleer Tivan, better known by the above moniker, has become the primary Power carry in virtually every Loki-based deck. We’re sure he’ll still fill that role well with this change, but this should help other decks build boards that at least threaten to compete with him. It’s a ding to his use in other decks, but that was already pretty low, and Loki will ensure he always has one or more homes available. This change also makes him more vulnerable to a few counters, such as…

Shadow King

  • [Old] 3/3 – On Reveal: Set all cards here to their original base Power.
  • [Change] 3/3 -> 2/3

The recent surge in Shuri and The Collector has been good news for Shadow King, who is seeing play despite being relatively inefficient and occasionally reliant on revealing last. We decided to take a similar approach here to what we did successfully for Luke Cage and Invisible Woman, boosting his base rate to a level that players can justify playing in a wider range of strategies than Silver Surfer and Cerebro. We expect this will also relieve some of the pressure on Shang-Chi by diversifying the ways in which players can counter huge amounts of Power.

Lady Sif

  • [Old] 3/4 – On Reveal: Discard the highest-cost card from your hand.
  • [Change] 3/4 -> 3/5

Lady Sif is one of those cards that’s always been solid and had a home in a couple specific decks, most obviously Apocalypse, Hela, and Agatha. However, her individual performance hasn’t been stellar, and when a lynchpin card for so many decks isn’t doing well, we like to poke at that a bit. We don’t feel this will upend the metagame or anything, but pushing some medium-performance decks towards some time under the sun is one of the things we like to do via OTA, so let’s try it out here.


  • [Old] 2/2 – On Reveal: On Reveal: Transform the leftmost card in your opponent’s hand into a Pig, keeping its Power and Cost.
  • [Change] 2/2 -> 1/1

We suspected the change in last week’s patch might be damaging to Spider-Ham’s usage, but we weren’t sure–probably something like 65% sure, but that’s a fair amount of doubt. Given we had an OTA coming just one week later, we decided to launch the patch with his 2/2 stats, then buff to 1/1 if that week indicated he needed the help. It did, so here we are.

Black Cat

  • [Old] 3/7 – If you end the turn with this in your hand, discard it.
  • [Change] 3/7 -> 4/9

Black Cat’s been one of our weaker-performing cards for a long time. That might not be something we can fix with an OTA, but we’ve played with this version enough ourselves to at least be interested in seeing what develops, especially with a couple future cards forthcoming. Yes, this makes you more likely to discard her than play her, but the only decks interested in Black Cat were already assuming you’d be doing that. Increasing her Power makes that a better perk, and the number 9 is especially apt for the feline femme fatale.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Evolved Abomination would incorrectly reduce Energy cost when cards created by Loki were in play.
  • Fixed a bug where Loki would replace cards in-hand with cards that have been transformed.


That’s all for this week. Until next time, happy snapping!

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  1. Second OTA in a row when I’m just not particularly amazed by how they choose to handle all these things. First Doctor Doom, now The Collector. It’s like nothing in the game can stay properly balanced even for a little while, and everything is transient. It’s fine when it’s justified, but some of the changes make me question the overall direction here.
    One month your card is a 2/1, then it’s a 2/2, then it’s a 2/0. Or its energy cost and stats switch wildly on a whim (imagine Shadow King starting at 4 energy back in the day). I do wonder whether that bothers casual players on any larger level, when trying to keep up to date with what’s what.

    I’m also admittedly very surprised that Second Dinner is willing to piss off many of the Season Pass buyers, as they used to give considerably stronger strategies a lot more time before even reacting. Especially when they involved precious cards locked behind a pay wall.
    I just wish that any other decks (trying to) slot in Collector currently or in the future didn’t have to pay for the perceived sins of Loki & Co.

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