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Cards In Depth: Captain Marvel

How Captain Marvel works, best way to use the card in decks, and the answers to the burning question... Why didn't it move?

Do you want to be a better player? If so, that means knowing the ins and outs of the game’s strongest and trickiest cards. In this series, we will highlight a specific card and breakdown the do’s, the do not’s, good combos, and more! This edition, Captain Marvel will be our focus.

What Is Captain Marvel Good For?

Captain Marvel has quickly become a popular card after her recent buff to a 4-Cost card. Her new stats are 4-Cost and 5-Power with the ability “At the end of the game, move to a location that wins you the game. (If possible)”. This ability makes her great at 2 key traits: gaining access to restricted locations and redistributing power. Now any card that can move can both have access to these traits. The thing that sets Captain Marvel apart is her ability to redistribute the power and move AFTER the final turn has ended. Why is that important? Let’s dive a little deeper.

If you aren’t sure where your opponent is going to play, Captain Marvel can help correct a misplay. If you think you have enough power to win a restricted location, but your opponent surprises you with a Jeff, Captain Marvel can move in to win the lane back. On a more advanced level (which we will breakdown in detail in the next section), you can use her to combo with other cards to make her ability even stronger. Her biggest strength is being able to adapt to your opponent’s play without you having to make the decision yourself. So how do we utilize this ability best? Let’s breakdown her best decks and combos.

The Best Way to Use Captain Marvel

The most obvious card you want to pair Captain Marvel with is Zabu. This combo effectively makes her a 3/5 that can readjust if you didn’t need her power where you played her. You can also use her in lockdown decks. Storm can prevent cards from being played in her lane, so Captain Marvel gives you a way to get into that lane if needed. Similarly, you can play her into the Storm lane and she can fly out of the flooded location if your opponent abandoned the lane. Not even a sneaky Jeff on flooded can trick her into leaving the lane too soon. Using Goose to lock a lane from higher cost cards can also be bypassed with her move ability.

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Another combo you can use with Captain Marvel is one that has become very popular in the meta: using Kraven and other move cards to keep your opponent guessing. If she moves into a lane with Kraven in it, her movement will boost Kraven by +2 power (which she does take into account when deciding to move!).

Using multiple moving cards like Nightcrawler, Silk, Jeff the Baby Land Shark, and Vision, you can make your opponent very confused where your final power will end up, and her final movement can make the difference between a loss and a win! This deck also uses Angela to get an extra +2 power for placing these move cards in her lane, and they can move out after! Captain Marvel can stay to support the Angela lane if your opponent tries to contest it, or move out if they abandon it.

Legion Move
Created by Bohe
, updated 2 months ago
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
3x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 4 Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 4)
3x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)

So in general, the decks you want to use Captain Marvel in aim to go wide in their playstyle. These go wide decks can lose their matchups by just a few power often times, so having the ability to redistribute a sizable amount of power after all cards have been played makes her very useful.

Times Not to Use Captain Marvel

There are times where Captain Marvel may not be the pick you want in your deck. Decks that go tall don’t want her because her Power isn’t as high as other 4-Cost cards, and they don’t need to move their power. You also don’t want her in a traditional move deck (ironically). This is because these decks favor move cards that get boosts from movement and need enablers. With limited deck slots, Captain Marvel typically just doesn’t make the cut into these lists.

Another reason not to include her in your deck is if you are using her purely to gain access to blocked locations. This functionality is great when it serves the overall deck theme, but if it is just so that you can contest a possible Storm lane or a Sanctum Sanctorum, cards like Jeff just do the job better for a more efficient Cost. You also shouldn’t include her in decks that utilize all 12 location slots, since her move ability would likely be useless with full lanes.

Why Didn’t Captain Marvel Move?

If you have been to the Marvel Snap Subreddit, you have likely seen this question asked hundreds of times. There are some key factors to remember when using Captain Marvel that can save you cubes if you know them:

  • If you have multiple Captain Marvel‘s on the board, they check for a victory option one at a time, NOT as a team. That means if you have 2 Marvel’s and are losing a location by 11, they will not both move there to win you the game.
  • If you and your opponent play Captain Marvel, whoever played her first will move first at the end of the game. This means whoever plays her second gets a distinct advantage over the other player’s Marvel.
  • Mysterio and Dracula can often trigger after Captain Marvel, which can cause her to think a lane is won when it really wasn’t.
  • Captain Marvel is aware of what happens to her after a move. This means she will not move into a Kingpin lane on turn 6 or move to Fisk Tower because she would die. (We mention this because players have asked)
  • Captain Marvel will not move if her movement will cause you to lose the lane she is in. (Again, people have asked this)
  • Captain Marvel will not move if you already are in a winning position in the game. So she won’t be helpful in securing that difficult “Win all 3 locations in a match” mission.


Captain Marvel is definitely a stronger card since she was buffed to her 4/5 stat line. Her growing popularity has led to lots of confusion about her and when it’s appropriate to include her in your deck. Hopefully with this guide, these questions and confusing situations can be cleared up, and you grow stronger as a player!

What do you think about Captain Marvel? Is there any tips or info we missed? What is the next card you would like to see a breakdown of? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Captain Marvel should not be destroyed by Kingpin. Kingpin work on turn 6 but she works at “end of the game”. It was stated by developers before, those are two different time frames and for example Snowguard turning location off for turn six, it will be turned back on at the “end of the game” phase. But Captain Marvel thinks she will be destroyed so it is bugged.

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