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PSA: Players Can Now Save Up to 10 Mission Refills + Daily Reset Time

Today, we are here to let players know of two important system changes to Marvel Snap systems.

Players Can Now Save Up to 10 Mission Refills

There has been a change to the Mission refill system that was unannounced in the latest patch of Marvel Snap, and it is a welcome one. The discussion was sparked by Marvel Snap Decks on Twitter, who was able to use Gold to refresh their Missions 10 times in one day:

Previously, players could use 120 Gold to refresh Missions up to 3 times a day, to obtain 150 Credit and 75 Season Pass XP in total per refill. This is the recommended use of Gold for the most efficient way of player progression according to our guide, as it provides a better return than purchasing Credits for the same amount of Gold.

With this unannounced change, players can now store up to 10 Mission refills so you can finish the Weekly Challenge even if you missed a few days of playing Marvel Snap according to Stephen Jarrett, Leading Product at Second Dinner.

If you haven’t been using your Mission refreshes lately and got a stack of Gold you’d rather use to speed up your progression than buy Variants, use them up where you can!

Daily Reset Time

On Sunday, 6 November, 2022, United States observed an end to its daylight saving time, going back one hour. We’ve previously communicated event start and end dates and daily reset time as 8 PM Pacific Time, which will now be 7 PM Pacific Time.

In Marvel Snap, this does not affect the daily reset time for players outside of the United States and is still every 24 hours. Therefore, we will see the new Featured Location around 4 hours after this news post!

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