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Marvel Snap Server Down Ahead of the New Patch Update

Update: The new season has started, but some players may not be able to get past the “Mystery Box” screen. You can bypass the screen by reinstalling the app, but the contents of the box are unknown. Players may want to wait until this is resolved.

Mystery Box

Marvel Snap’s new patch for August 2022 is due to be rolled out later today, and it looks like the server has been inadvertently taken down ahead of the app update. According to Community Manager InfiniteVeritas on the Marvel Snap Discord, they are looking to redeploying it as soon as possible:

Second Dinner has confirmed that the live version of the production environment was deleted as the old versions from the staging environment:

Marvel Snap’s third season is speculated to be based on She-Hulk and/or Daredevil, as well as a potential nerf to Hellcow. Check out our coverage below:

We will keep you updated as things happen.

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