High Evolutionary Variant

High Evolutionary Live Update – Now Released!

High Evolutionary is one of the most hyped new card release of Marvel Snap, bringing a massively unique ability that changes the function of up to 7 cards in your deck. The official release date was originally scheduled for May, 23 at 3 AM GMT at the Daily Reset time, to show up in the Token Shop as a Weekly Highlight card and a 0.25% chance to be opened from Collector’s Caches and Reserves.

Update May 24, 2023: The update is now out, and the card should be available on all platforms! 300 Gold compensation reward has also been sent to players’ inboxes.

High Evolutionary is HERE!

A new patch is available to download! After downloading the new update, please make sure to restart your game. High Evolutionary should be available in your Token Shop immediately!

Thanks for all your patience. We’re sending 300 Gold to all players to apologize for the delay. (Reminder: Inbox rewards are sent in a queue and will be sent to your account in the order that you restarted your game. It might take a bit to show up!)

We can’t wait to see what deck evolutions you come up with!

Molly – Marvel Snap Official Discord

High Evolutionary is available in a new patch on Steam and Android. All platforms were pushed at the same time, but it’s taking longer to propagate on iOS today. We unfortunately don’t have an ETA – I’m also repeatedly checking the app store to see when its available. Hopefully soon!

Please note: We’re seeing some reports of players getting locked out of playing on iOS because they have updated on Steam. If you update your game on one platform, your other platforms will not be playable until they are also updated to the same patch.

Molly – Marvel Snap Official Discord

Be sure to check out our two strategy articles for High Evolutionary!

Players would have got a notification about its release but will be seeing Howard the Duck in the Token Shop as of now. Unfortunately, there has been an issue with the release of the card, which has been acknowledged by Second Dinner and has been delayed until further notice.

It looks like a proper client patch will be required (cannot be done OTA), but we will await further official announcement regarding a new release date and potential compensation. Since it requires approval from the respective app stores, it may require some time.

We’re aware of an issue preventing High Evolutionary from showing up in the Token Shop or Collector’s Caches/Reserves. The team is currently working to find a solution and we’ll update when we have more information. Thanks for your patience!

Molly – Marvel Snap Official Discord

High Evolutionary Issue

The fix for High Evolutionary is going to require a client patch. Which unfortunately means, its going to take some time.

We’ll continue to update everyone as we work towards the solution. Appreciate y’all! Sorry for the inconvenience. ♥

Molly – Marvel Snap Official Discord

The team has found a solution for the High Evolutionary issue, but unfortunately the patch release process takes a bit more time. We’re trying to get High Evolutionary released to you as quickly as possible, but it’s not going to happen today. We know you’re disappointed, we are too.

We’ll share information as we know more. Thanks for your patience.

Molly – Marvel Snap Official Discord

We recommend you hold off on opening your caches if you were planning on opening the card and await further updates.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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