Pool 2 The Infinaut Control Deck Guide

Pool Two The Infinaut Control – A Deck Guide

Infinaut Control
Created by Bradcifer
, updated 6 months ago
3x Collection Level 1-14
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
5x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)

The Gameplan

Infinaut Control is arguably an unrespected deck, one that I have personally piloted from Pool Two deep into Pool Three with a surprising amount of success. Many players are unfamiliar with this strategy – we’re looking to utilize early threats to establish control over a particular location such as Sunspot, Angela, and Jessica Jones in tandem with Storm. Along the way you’ll look to slow down your opponent with Iceman and Scorpion importantly, the deck looks to play on turns one-four, and skip turn five completely so that you can close out another location with a turn six The Infinaut.

By utilizing cards like Sunspot, Lizard and Jessica Jones, your lack of a turn 5 play isn’t nearly as detrimental as you’re ideally dropping the aforementioned cards alongside a Storm in a flooded location on turn four. This allows you to close out that zone completely with Sunspot and Jessica Jones receiving their buffs on turn five, and lock up turn six with The Infinaut.

There is a selection of support cards to help your gameplan out – Mister Fantastic and Nightcrawler help to extend some power to the locations that won’t have The Infinaut, and tools such as Armor can be used to protect Sunspot from the likes of Killmonger and Elektra.

A Watchful Eye

Uatu the Watcher is commonly referred to as the worse card in Pool One, but here you’ll find it serving as one of the most important pieces to the strategy – as this deck gaining insight to future locations allows you to perfectly decide which locations to prioritize and which you use as bait for your opponent to play into.

A great example of this are locations that provide an overwhelming advantage or disadvantage to cards played there, such as Nidavellir, Stark Tower, or Xandar – these locations typically incentive players to fill them with threats quickly to lock them up early for themselves, so you can allow them to build a presence there knowing you have no intention of playing cards there yourself as you’re going to aim to control the other locations.

Another great example of this are zones where players don’t want to play cards in – Jotunheim, Klyntar, and Murderworld are popular locations your opponent will never be happy to play cards into, giving you a great location to flood with Storm – alternatively, you get the benefit of getting rid of the negative static effect that’s bothering you too, allowing the chance to steal a location through Jessica Jones, Sunspot, or Lizard.

Knowledge is Power

All decks in Marvel Snap thrive by knowing what your opponents are doing, and players thrive in the infinite rank by familiarizing themselves with top decks in the meta – If a player is piloting a Move deck, you should expect a turn 6 Heimdall or America Chavez, so keep in mind where the positions of their cards are and be ready to decide by turn 4 if you’re going to aim to close out that left hand location, or if you’re going to forfeit it and take the middle instead.

If you’re facing a DeathPool deck (or any self-destroy focused deck), keep an eye on if your opponent is overcommitting to a location in anticipation of dropping a Carnage, Venom, or Deathlok on top of their plethora of Sacrifice targets, as identifying this early and dropping an Armor at the right time can effectively win you that location singlehandedly.

Of course you want to set up for your turn six The Infinaut, but there are times in which you want to spread out other cards across the board on turn six rather than dropping the Big Spaceman, because either the opponent has successfully countered your own storm setup or they know/anticipate The Infinaut to come down due to you skipping your turn five – when these things happen, don’t panic! – stay with your plan and take turn five off regardless. Your instincts may be telling you that if they know what’s coming turn six, you need to spread out your cards on both turn five and six, playing a more traditional gameplan to bamboozle them, but the truth is by letting an opponent think you’re still on course for the turn six The Infinaut, it warps their gameplan to adhere to yours, making you the player with far more information which, as we established, is the most important part of Marvel Snap.

Math Math Math

The second most important card however, and possibly the key to mastering this deck is seemingly the most obvious: Count Your Total Power – Then Count It Again.

Your deck works with very straightforward power levels that you’re in full control of. Sunspot gains your unspent energy, Jessica Jones should always be giving you eight power, and The Infinaut will always give you twenty. Keep yourself aware of locations as well as you tie in the previous ideas of knowledge of opponents gameplan, and potentially finessing them by making them think you’re committing to The Infinaut when you end up spreading out power.

Here is an excellent example of the above theory in practice: The only legal play the opponent has is playing in the lone empty spot on the left location, as Storm has flooded the right and the middle is filled. It’s easy to think that if you play The Infinaut down in the middle location the game is won, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see Captain Marvel in the center location as well.

If The Infinaut is played her ability will kick in and she will move to the flooded location, resulting in a tie at eleven power each and the opponent will win easily because of Mojoworld as a tiebreaker – hilariously, this means The Infinaut isn’t the play, as we have successfully determined we need to fill the left location to get rid of the Mojoworld static and take the game there.

The best option available is play Angela, followed by Vatu and Lizard to fill the location, while likely playing Nightcrawler in the center location. This will result in a total of eleven power, the middle zone will have been won and Captain Marvel won’t trigger to move to the flooded zone.

The opponent ended up playing a Jessica Jones here on the left, feeding their last two energy into Sunspot for a total of ten power. Here, double checking the board, stats and information we have available have likely allowed us to win a game we may have otherwise had to retreat from.

Closing Thoughts

Infinaut Control is a mostly unknown deck that can really shine for people looking to utilise information gained during a game to steal wins and leverage locations – if you’re willing to triple check your math, bait your opponent into suboptimal plays, and slam down a big spaceman to close a game, this one is likely the deck for you!

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  1. Looks good, man. I have not even used Uatu yet, so will be cool to eventually get to use His ability for something worthwhile.

    Also my favourite Variant is a Reed Richards one, so always happy when I get to play Mr Fantastic in a Deck.

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