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Infinite Drank Destroyer Deck by KanyeBest - July 2022

Infinite Drank Destroyer Deck by KanyeBest - July 2022
Created by Marvel Snap Zone
, updated 8 months ago
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
5x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
2x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season


Destroyer Quick Guide By KanyeBest

Yo. Let’s get to it.

Importable Decklist:

# (1) Nova
# (2) Bucky Barnes
# (2) Carnage
# (2) Scorpion
# (2) Armor
# (2) Colossus
# (3) Green Goblin
# (3) Killmonger
# (4) Warpath
# (5) Hobgoblin
# (5) Professor X
# (6) Destroyer

Card Choices:

Green Goblin/Hobgoblin

The two goblins (Green and Hob) are effectively reasonable curve plays that do not get blown up by Destroyer – think of them as Colossus, basically.

The other upside they have is that, in concert with Scorpion, they are very good at keeping the average power at a location down – which is good, because you often need to win one location with Destroyer, and another with some combination of the rest of the medium-bad cards you run.


He’s good, I swear. You are never attacking all three lanes in this deck, and you should be careful of doing so. This is very much a deck built around attacking two lanes only, and disrupting your opponent’s ability to put power in those lanes. He’s usually 9 power, and if you can get him in an Armor lane then curve into Hobgoblin+Destroyer, you’re in a great spot. Note that Destroyer can blow stuff up to juke Warpath into having more power if you have a card in the third lane.

Cards That I Am Not Sure About:


He’s best on 6 and you’re really not into playing him there. I don’t have many better ideas though. Feel free to flex him in and out.


Runs into the issue of not really buffing stuff in its own lane because you want to put Nova in the Bucky lane but if you play Nova on 1 you end up buffing Bucky, not Winter Soldier. Might still just be the best option.


Maybe this is supposed to be Deathlok? It seems like DL would be better after an Armor, or just as a five power guy. Right now I lean like 60/40 Deathlok, I just haven’t tested it enough to say for sure.

Professor X

This guy sucks and I hate him. The most unreliable win condition in the game, and you basically have to snap before you play him or they just retreat. You play him because he protects lanes but *man* is he annoying. It doesn’t help that every bot in the game knows he’s coming. He’s gone in and out. I replaced him with Hobgoblin, but then I replaced an Iron Man I was running with him again once it became clear how bad IM was when 16% of the deck doesn’t play on your side of the board.

Play Tips:

Attack two lanes. Try to use the Goblins and Scorpion to keep power low. I like playing Green Goblin in lanes where my opponent has already deployed a low power one drop or two. It makes them even easier to contest. I’ve used the Goblins to win lanes in which I never played cards on my side of the battlefield.

Retreat when you have to. You aren’t going to win every game, the deck is a bit clunky. The upside is basically nobody expects what’s happening, so you will get plenty of 8 cube wins.

Evaluate your snaps before you play Prof X. If you’re pretty sure he’s gonna win his lane, and you have a plausible path to winning another (ex. Destroyer), snap before you play him.

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