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Good Kitty (Infinite Rank, >100) (Post Nerf, Extremely Detailed Guide, with Subs

Good Kitty (Infinite Rank, >100) (Post Nerf, Extremely Detailed Guide, with Subs
Created by Nicklebee
, updated 2 months ago
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
6x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
2x Series 4 Rare - Collection Level 486+ (Pool 4)

Good Kitty (AKA Fantastic Fours (AKA Zabu is Broken))

The meta at high level play right now sucks. I really hope Ben Brode is reading this right now, because every single deck at Infinite rank is either running Zabu or Silver Surfer.

Anyway, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Here’s my Zabu deck which got me to Infinite from 80 in a few days. 


As you can guess, the idea here is to play Zabu and then win. Thanks to Moon Girl, Quinjet, and Zabu, this deck is super versatile and fun to play since you get to use a ton of cards in a game and have a lot of win options.


  1. Quinjet – Entirely for Moon Girl, if you draw both her and Quinjet, you will be having a pretty ridiculous turn 5. Besides, 2 power for 1 energy is fine in a pinch.
  2. Armor – Mostly for Attuma and protecting your double-powers from Shang Chi.
  3. Daredevil – A must-have companion for Professor X and Spider-Man. Also, he’s just generally a good card for cube gains.
  4. Zabu – Meow.
  5. Attuma – A big boy for 4 energy, and an excellent pair for Shuri.
  6. Moon Girl – The best turn 4 play possible after a Zabu. Assuming you play at least two cards by turn 3, you don’t lose a draw from her, and you can have two of Spider-Man, Crossbones, Shuri… or maybe two pairs of Dracula/The Infinaut? 🙂
  7. Crossbones – I use Crossbones over someone like Attuma/Typhoid Mary because his downside is one you can play around without needing any other specific card in hand. And I use him over Rescue because of Shuri.
  8. Shuri – Speaking of which… Shuri is also broken. She is great for doubling Attuma, and she plays nicely with Crossbones (or frankly anyone)
  9. Spider-Man – In my opinion, he’s one of the strongest cards in the game. If you double him with Moon Girl, you can lock down two locations on turn 6, which will probably be your most common win condition.
  10. Professor X – An alternative lockdown to Spider-Man, just an all-around good card. Play him on Attuna! Woah!
  11. America Chavez – Anything to make it more likely to get Quinjet, Zabu, and Moon Girl.
  12. Magneto – Another card that is just good. Has lovely synergy with Spider-Man and Shuri, allowing you to pull cards away from a location that you’ve webbed and bringing a big body to ensure you still win the location you play him on, as well.

General Strategy

The most important thing to keep in mind with this deck is that you’re going to have to climb without making it to the end of the game a lot. Your opponent will be retreating on turn 6 often. As a result, you’ll want to snap early often; conversely, you should generally retreat if your opponent snaps, and you don’t have a good setup. That said, these are not hard rules, and you should consider the game situation. Shuri and Crossbones/Attuma, e.g., can be a surprise turn 6 win if the setup is right.

Your win condition is usually going to be one of the following:

I’ll emphasize this: climbing is more about knowing when to snap and when to retreat than anything else. So, don’t be afraid to retreat, even if you snapped earlier in the game.

Turn by Turn

To make things a little easier, I’ll give some examples on what to do every turn. Again, be flexible and be sure to react to what your opponent is doing.

Turn 1: 
Quinjet, hopefully.

Turn 2: 
Zabu highest priority. Then, Daredevil or Armor, pending on who you have and whether you’re packing Professor X (Daredevil) or Attuma (Armor).

Turn 3
A cheapened 4 cost, ideally Moon Girl, if your hand makes sense for it. Daredevil here can be fine, as well.

Turn 4
Turn 4 can tend to be the least effective feeling in this deck. That said, don’t feel bad about just dropping a high power 4 cost, or even using Shuri here if you have a good setup for the next turn.

Turn 5
The ideal play here is two of Spider-Man. Else, just play Crossbones and Attuma wherever you can. You might also want to play a 5 cost Magneto, if you have one. Depending on the locations and your cards in hand, try to lockdown the locations you are likely to win or squeeze out as much power as possible.

Turn 6
If you can Magneto away a card from a webbed location to win it, you should probably do that. Else, just pump out as much power as you can. Don’t forget to retreat if the situation isn’t look good for you.

Substitutions and Other Cards

I don’t have every card. You probably don’t either. So let’s talk about possible subsitutions if you’re missing cards or cards that could make this deck even better.

Included Cards

First, let’s establish which cards are important.


  • Quinjet – The only way to make double Spider-Man happen.
  • Zabu – Duh.
  • Spider-Man – He is your most common game winner and the best card to play alongside Zabu.
  • Moon Girl – She gives you double Spider-Man. But just as importantly, she allows you to keep playing 4 cost cards without running out.


  • Daredevil – Great with Spider-Man, great all-around.
  • Shuri – She makes everything better, and has a ton of great synergy in this deck.
  • Magneto – He’s just such a good turn 6 drop. He steals wins, and you can even play two of him with Quinjet and Moongirl.
  • Crossbones – You need some high power boys in ths deck, Crossbones is one of the safest.


  • Professor X – He’s my #1 most replaceable card. Great with Daredevil, and straight up wins games, but otherwise not a lot of chemistry.
  • Attuma – Very lovely with Shuri, but he can be situational.
  • Armor – Only necessary if you’re running Attuma.
  • America Chavez – She just improves the deck’s consistency, and I’m all about the climb. You could definitely experiment with other 6 costs for your Dracula.

Other Options

Now, let’s talk about what cards you could add or substitute in.


  • Absorbing Man – I don’t have him, but I think he’d be an absolute rockstar in this deck. Copying Shuri or Spider-Man while being another 4 cost? Sheesh.
  • She-Hulk – Just a great card, and ridiculously good with Quinjet and Moongirl.


  • Rescue – One of the best all-around 4 costs in the game.
  • White Queen – Good synergy with Quinjet, and a nice body for 4 energy.
  • Leader – Still a very strong 6 turn drop in situations where you have a lead.


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