Marvel Snap Zone Premium
Marvel Snap Zone Premium


Created by Rebher
, updated 2 months ago
1x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
7x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 5 Ultra Rare - Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)

“Behold, The Power Cosmic itself!”

This is a fun and interesting deck designed to:

Destroy cards to lower Death ‘s cost with Killmonger, Destroyer, or Galactus for a big turn 6.

Clog your opponent’s lanes with Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Black Widow.

Nuke your opponent’s big plays on turn 6 with Shang-Chi if you don’t have initiative.

Turn 1.

Your only potential play here is The Hood. Play him in the left location if you won’t be able to play one of your 6s there or you can destroy him. Otherwise, drop him him on an unrevealed lane.

Turn 2.

Black Widow is a great play here to force your opponent . Play her with The Hood, if possible to keep your Galactus options open. If you know you’re playing Destroyer, you can put Armor in a lane for Demon and other cards to be protected. If not, you can hold Armor for turn 6.

Turn 3.

This is when things get tricky.

Electro is a great play now if you can play Hobgoblin on turn 4. Otherwise, you can hold Hobgoblin for turn 4.

Wave is a good play if you have Destroyer or Galactus in hand to play in turn 4.

Killmonger is a good play if you can kill 3+ 1 cost cards (including The Hood). It’s a great play if you end up clearing rocks from Debrii or Squirrels from Central Park.

Armor + Demon is an ok play if you’re going to drop Destroyer but save Demon for Galactus if you can.

Green Goblin is an amazing play if you can drop it on The Space Throne – followed by Galactus on turn 6 for an easy win.

Turn 4.

If you didn’t play Electro or Wave on turn 3 and can’t on this turn, it’s probably not going very well. Consider an escape.

If you played Wave last turn, now’s the time to drop Destroyer or Galactus. It’s usually preferred to drop Galactus on turn 5 to maximize cards destroyed but sometimes you don’t have a choice.

If you played Electro on the previous turn, play Hobgoblin now. Ideally, you play Hobgoblin to the lane where you plan to drop Galactus but this telegraphs your play a bit. Be careful for Cosmo or Aero on the next turn.

Turn 5.

This is the ideal turn to drop Galactus. It’s best to play him in a lane that’s clogged with Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and/or Widow's Bite. But also consider the cards that would be destroyed to reduce Death ‘s cost for a huge turn 6.

Destroyer forces your opponent to focus their attention to this bad boy brings a lot of power.

If you were able to play Destroyer or Galactus with Wave on the previous turn, Hobgoblin is a great play now. Otherwise, do what you can.

Turn 6.

Ideally, you’ve destroyed the board with Galactus and reduced Death to 0 cost. If you played Electro and destroyed him, you’ve got at least 7 energy to play with.

Or you’ve played Destroyer and you’re looking to lock down the board.

Shang-Chi – Is there a big card in play that you can nuke? Is your opponent going to play a big card and you’re going second?

Killmonger – Are there big 1-cost cards in play?

Destroyer – Drop 15 power somewhere. Make sure to play this first if you can play other cards such as Demon and Death.

Death – +12 power more! Hopefully you made her as cheap as possible.

Armor – Protecting Destroyer/Death is awesome if you go first. If you go second, you don’t need her.

Demon – If you have a spare energy to spend, drop Demon now.

Escape Plans.

These are the cards that ruin this deck’s day and will likely force a retreat to preserve cubes.

Playing Galactus with initiative is WAY easier than not. Try to have initiative by playing Green Goblin and Hobgoblin in your opponent’s lanes.

You can also make your opponent’s job more difficult by keeping as many of your lanes open as possible to keep your opponent guessing where you’re going to lock things down.

Aero – If your opponent plays Aero and drags your Galactus to a location where you already have a card played, it’s the ultimate nullifier.

Polaris/Cosmo/Green Goblin/Hobgoblin – If you don’t have initiative and any of these get played in the lane with Galactus, your plans have been foiled.

Note: If someone plays Cosmo early, you can put Destroyer in that lane to prevent him from blowing everything up on your side.

But remember – “No amount of training can prepare you for Galactus.” 

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