Ka-Zar Savage Land

Ultra Ka-Zar Flood Deck Guide

Learn everything you have to know about SafetyBlade's latest top Marvel Snap deck: Ultra Ka-Zar Flood! Grab the latest decklist and learn how to play this sweet build.

Flashy Series 4 and 5 cards such as Galactus and Thanos are stealing the spotlight right now, but cost efficient cards can still be the key to victory, even at the top end of the Marvel Snap ladder. Today I am going to highlight my favourite deck, now featuring new cards as well!

Ultra Instinct Zoo
Created by SafetyBlade
, updated 12 months ago
3x Collection Level 1-14
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
4x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season

Commonly known as a Zoo deck, it is perhaps better described as a Flood deck in Marvel Snap. The goal is to fill as much of the locations as you can, maximising the power spread with cards like Blue Marvel and Ka-Zar.

The key concept which makes this style of deck tick is being able to compete across the board and therefore prioritize the lanes it can win near the end of the game when it is too late for your opponent. The deck can be built at all collection levels as the core cards are Series 1 and it can also be flexible for playstyle.

The common problem I have seen when recommending this deck and its multiple variations is the “play on curve” style which leads to you giving up the advantage of the deck and allowing your opponent to react to you with bigger cards. Players commonly go 1 drop on 1, 2 drop on 2, and so on. They end Turn 4 with no cards in hand then lose to Killmonger and delete the deck.

Keep in mind at all times, Marvel Snap is a game where you compete over 3 locations with usually 12 board spaces. If you have multiple cheap cards which can be played in combination around Turns 5 & 6 when you have information on where your opponent is playing, you can play where it is beneficial for you.

So today I am going to do a deep dive into my latest Flood deck and try to use this as an opportunity to make the case for every player keeping a Flood deck built in their collection at all times.

The Core

Angela is your key scaling threat early game. She should always be in this style of deck despite the slight nerf. She now usually equals 6 power by end of the game (or 8 if you get the Nightcrawler down). It is important to have a few cards which can be played earlier in the game. Angela is the queen of this.

Ka-Zar is of course, always core for this strategy. He is 4 power on his own and can always be played on 4 (if you have Ka-Zar in hand, it is often the play). Even if Enchantress comes down, the deck has multiple ways to push power and they will have only added 4 power to the same lane as you.

Blue Marvel is also usually core but if you want to run Valkyrie, it’s one too many 5-Cost cards and becomes awkward to play. If you don’t have Valkyrie, consider Blue Marvel core and copy what I said about Ka-Zar and always play him on 5.

Hearthstone’s Pyroblast

America Chavez is the controversial call. This card is core for one clear reason – it makes your deck 11 cards + a Pyroblast. This is the best way I can describe it. She is not in the deck to be played, and as a rule of thumb, if you’re playing her more than 20% of the time you may be pacing yourself wrong.

The Support

Nightcrawler is almost core due to the versatility. If you have Nightcrawler on 1 always hold and see if your 2 drop will be Angela first. Otherwise, play this anytime and move where advantageous.

Armor is a support card which makes your earlier plays just a little more comfortable whilst pushing the same amount of power as an average 2 drop. Some would think this is core, but the deck functions clearly without her.

Valkyrie is almost core. She is a huge power push on 6 alongside a 1 drop. She is strong on 5 if needed and can almost guarantee a lane by herself. If your lane has cards such as Ant Man and Mojo in there, she sets everything to 3 then their ongoing effect goes over the top. Angela activates after her effect, adding plus 2 so you win, also Ka-Zar effect goes on top of the new power, also resulting in a win.

The Power Push

Each of these cards have their place in pushing power. When thinking about what cards will be your power consider how flexible they are. You want to be able to play them for similar value any turn of the game where possible, but in particular Turn 5 and 6.

Titania is the hardest and most flexible to use. You will find yourself accidently sending it to the wrong place or getting the order right early on. You can play her early and either send her across with something and bring it back, cancel the effect with Zero or most commonly, she is the last card you play.

As we are adding Titania, Lizard is great alongside her as they have synergy (which is difficult to explain and) both work well with Zero. If you can get Titania into your opponent’s fourth card, you can pull it back with Lizard, then they lose the turn off on Lizard and you get your Titania back.

Zero has two early targets, Lizard and Titania. If you miss these you play him whenever you can, potentially as your last card for 1 power if he’s going to turn off Ka-Zar or Valkyrie. Remember if you play him last card on 5 he only turns off America Chavez‘s effect. Earlier series versions have Blade in this spot, its above rate.

Wolfsbane is often replaced with Bishop. I think that is wrong as you cannot play Bishop on the last turn.

Ant Man and Mojo are great fourth cards in a lane. Mojo has the added benefit of being hard to interact with if played earlier in the game. Also Mojo next to Lizard is amazing, it puts your opponent in an awkward spot. Turn off your Lizard and turn on your Mojo.

Zero, Lizard and Titania can be swapped for multiple other cheap power packages, but when doing this think about the curve. Sentinel, Blade, Rocket Raccoon and pretty much any 1 drop can be used instead.

The Ideal Turns

The Ideal Turns

The final point, and best way to explain how to play this deck is what your line is. The curve is incredibly low, so use the below as a guide whilst your learning a Flood deck. Once you have the rules down and what your looking to do each turn, then you can better at breaking the rules and improving your play.

Turn 1:

You want to either play Nightcrawler OR SKIP THE TURN. I have been championing this deck for a long time and this is the number 1 mistake people make. There are times it is right to break this rule, but when learning to implement the deck properly this helps.

If you play a card every turn you run out of cards in this deck and therefore you run out of options later. The key question on turn 1 – does playing a card now change or make my turn 2 better?

Turn 2:

Your best target is Angela. Armor or Mojo can also be played comfortably. They indicate what your plan is which can also be an advantage when you get better with the deck.

Option 2 is play two 1 drops. Consider this if you have Ka-Zar (and/or Blue Marvel) locked in already. Another advanced play is trying to set up a lane with Nightcrawler for an early Wolfsbane.

Turn 3:

2 drop or 2 and 1 drop. Wolfsbane if you can get a 5 power or 7 power is also a valid play if you know your turn 4 and 5 will end with no cards left – but Wolfsbane is best on turn 6.

Turn 4:

You want Ka-Zar, but if not in hand try to start set up for your Flood turn on 5.

Turn 5:

This is the pivotal turn your playing towards. The Flood turn is when you play the majority of your cards and it can either be Turn 5 or Turn 6.

On turn 5 you play conservatively if you’re looking to Flood on 6. For example, if you have Valkyrie in hand you might play everything but one 1 drop. If not you may just play Valkyrie now, to set up for Wolfsbane and other cards on 6.

If you don’t have Valkyrie, then you can flood now, leaving you with America Chavez for your turn 6.

If no one has snapped, you should have decided by now if your snapping also (but that’s a whole different topic).

Turn 6:

Play the better of – the rest of your hand or America Chavez.

80% of the time it should be the rest of your hand. It should be some combination of Wolfsbane, Titania, Lizard, Zero, Ant Man or Mojo played where it is best for you.

Final Key Tip:

As hopefully the above as demonstrated, you should be thinking about your Turn 6 every turn. What are you playing towards, flooding the board, Valkyrie or America Chavez. Consider these three your “finishers” and select where your going when you can.


The deck looks simple, but it is flexible and deceptively complex. You need to consider your next turns and how your maximising your space on board. Each turn has a lot of micro-decisions to think about, and if you take the time it can easily be piloted against all decks and have game into all of them. It may not be the best at any one thing, but its best at doing lots of little things which add up to wins. It also has a an amazing surprise factor due to the focus on the later turns, leading to more 4 cube and 8 cube games.

Early Series versions of this deck are also great for learning how to play the game as well as being a deck you can return too anytime.

Good Luck Have Fun and Stay Safe!

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SafetyBlade is an reformed Hearthstone addict and Marvel Fanboy from Australia. Needless to say Marvel Snap is the perfect game for him!

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