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Bast Patriot Surfer Is A Real Meta Contender

The meta still remains open for debate, but HowlingMines thinks he's cracked it! Check out this sweet decklist that offered a 75% win-rate or better in the hands of him and many of our viewers who picked it up - featuring fan favourites like Bast, Valkyrie, Sera, Patriot and Silver Surfer!

MODOK Best Day 1 Decks and Concepts

The nerfs are finally here, and Zabu and Silver Surfer have been knocked down a peg! We are here to look at their new Season Pass brethren, MODOK, and make sure you're aware of the best early builds for the card!

MODOK Is Secretly A Ramp Card

The New Season Pass for Quantumania is finally here, and with it comes MODOK, a brand new tool likely to help Discard decks make a resurgence in the metagame - but HowlingMines thinks it may have a home in other shells too, and is looking to show that off today with a Ramp deck using a MODOK combo as a alternative Win Condition!