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Beating Zabu with…Zabu? – Infinite Rank Deck Highlight!

Many folks out there are still looking for the best way to use their new shiny season pass card, especially if they don't have Series 4 and 5 powerhouses like Absorbing Man or Darkhawk - and I think we have a good contestant here from our own Den_CCG, with a deck all about stats, and controlling the final turn of the game, and one that is also Series 3 only!

Sera Patriot Surfer: The Best Deck You Forgot

HowlingMines has recently been on the prowl for more hidden gems inside of Marvel Snap - decklists that have made infinite in seasons past but aren't played much now, and working to breathe new life into them. Take a look at something he really likse that he thinks happened to be discovered at the wrong time - Sera Patriot Surfer!

Thanos Lockjaw Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

We often get requests for us to elaborate on our lower tiered decks in the Weekly Tier Lists - with HowlingMines often taking them out for a spin on stream to showcase their potential. This week, he's been messing around with Thanos - fittingly believed to be the hidden gem amongst his stones!