Best 5-Cost Marvel Snap Cards

Best 5-Cost Marvel Snap Cards

What are the best 5-Cost cards in Marvel Snap? Paper goes over his staples for deckbuilding!

Deckbuilding in Marvel Snap is one of the most important aspects of the game. Creating a consistent and powerful deck from scratch can be difficult if you cannot find cards that fit the specific type of deck you’re trying to create.

Staple cards are a common idea in most card games. Staple cards are cards that can be included in any deck regardless of the archetype. Common staples in other card games include cards that help you draw more, counter a wide-variety of decks, or simply have such good stats that they are almost never a bad choice to play in any given game. In Marvel Snap, staples are a little harder to come by as decks only contain 12 cards, and every space counts. Certain archetypes do not have cards built for their style of play leaving players to wonder, “What should I play in this deck that costs X Energy and still fits with my deck?”

In this article, I’m going to run you through some of the best 5-Cost cards in the game. The 5-Cost slot contains many cards that have game-changing effects from Professor X‘s location lockdown to Magik adding a guaranteed 7th turn to the game. The cards in this list appear in many decklists on Marvel Snap Zone, and cards that I consider to be staple cards in the current Marvel Snap meta.

Iron Man

One of the very first cards you see in Marvel Snap also happens to be one of the most powerful cards in the entire game. Iron Man‘s effect is nothing short of game-changing with the ability to double a location’s power, it becomes nearly impossible to contest Iron Man’s location without an Iron Man of your own.

Iron Man is amplified in Ongoing decks with Mystique and Onslaught or on Onslaught's Citadel giving your location quadruple the power. But Iron Man can also be thrown into any deck out there. As long as you have units on your board that provide power, Iron Man will have value. All you need is 8 power on a location for Iron Man to be stronger than most 5-Cost cards. He’s one of the best 5-Cost cards in the game and is a consideration in almost every deck that I build.


At 8 power, Aero has a solid board presence as well as an effect that can ruin your opponent’s combos by pulling them away from their intended lanes. Shut down a lane by pulling the last card needed to fill it up on your opponent’s side, or prevent your opponent’s combo set-up by pulling a key turn 5 play away from the location. Combo Aero with a turn 4 Storm to prevent your opponent from playing cards into the flooded location, much in the same way that you’d use Juggernaut with Storm.

Aero‘s primary function in most decks that I have her in is to ensure victory over one or even both other locations by playing her into the third location while winning on the other 2. Aero‘s 8 power often out-powers what she pulls as well meaning you can even sneak a win in the location that you play her despite adding cards on your opponent’s side of the location.


Spider-Woman is a severely underrated cards in Marvel Snap. She comes in at slightly lower power than some of the more powerful cards at 5-Cost, but her effect makes her effective power higher than most 5-Cost cards. Spider-Woman’s base 7 power, coupled with her effect’s max possible -4 to your opponent’s power gives her an effective power possibility of 11.

Paired with cards like Odin or Wong, or locations like Kamar-Taj, Spider-Woman can swing a lane entirely in her favor in devastating fashion.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel‘s effect alone should stand out as a card that has an incredible impact on the result of a match of Marvel Snap. Her effect skews the game highly in your favor and will force wins in most close matches. Pairing Captain Marvel with cards that boost her power such as Okoye and Nakia or locations such as Stark Tower and Muir Island are great ways to make Captain Marvel have even greater impact on the game.

Captain Marvel works best in decks that can play her for free like Hela decks, or in decks that can flood the board with plenty of power before she is played such as decks that run two staples from previous articles in this series, Angela and Bishop. From your opponent’s view, seeing a Captain Marvel on the other side of the board, requires much more thinking and planning for the chance that Captain Marvel moves to the lane, making her a great card for mind games as well.


Choosing the best cards for your deck comes down to trial and error. The aim for this list and series is to gather some of the most commonly-used and agreed upon staples in the game at all energy costs. These cards, however, will not benefit every deck. The cards in this list can all be slotted into almost any deck with success. The effects and power of these cards makes them great choices at 5-Cost.

Are there any other 5-Cost cards that you’d consider a staple? Let us know in the comments below and look forward to our final list in this series next week where we’ll highlight 6-Cost staples!

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Paper is a Marvel Snap content creator focusing on streaming and writing guide content. An Infinite-rank player every season, Paper is one of the top ranked players in Marvel Snap. He is a fan of everything Marvel from comic books, the MCU, and of course video games. He has a long history with card games dating back to childhood with Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! and more seriously later with the Naruto CCG, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and now Marvel Snap.

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