Best 2-Cost Marvel Snap Cards

The next in our series of new player focused content, Paper joins us to tell you all about the most powerful 2-Cost cards in the game, and why they can slot into any strategy you're building!

Deckbuilding in Marvel Snap is one of the most important aspects of the game. Creating a consistent and powerful deck from scratch can be difficult if you cannot find cards that fit the specific type of deck you’re trying to create.

Staple cards are a common idea in most card games. Staple cards are cards that can be included in any deck regardless of the archetype. Common staples in other card games include cards that help you draw more, counter a wide-variety of decks, or simply have such good stats that they are almost never a bad choice to play in any given game. In Marvel Snap, staples are a little harder to come by as decks only contain 12 cards, and every space counts. Certain archetypes do not have cards built for their style of play leaving players to wonder, “What should I play in this deck that costs X Energy and still fits with my deck?”

In this article, I’m going to run you through some of the best 2-Cost cards in the game. These are cards that appear in many decklists on Marvel Snap Zone, and cards that I consider to be staple cards in the current Marvel Snap meta.


Angela is one of, if not the best 2-Cost card in the entire game – commonly praised by many players as the best card you get early in your Marvel Snap journey. 2 energy for a minimum of 7 power if you fill her location up is the highest consistent stat line of any 2-Cost card in Marvel Snap. Angela has proven through the first 4 months of the game to be one of the most consistent 2-Cost cards in the game, because it works well if you need to go tall in one location, and equally well if you want to swarm multiple locations.


I’ve included Armor in a majority of my decks since the release of Marvel Snap – a time where the Carnage + Nova meta ran the game. Armor serves many purposes in the current Marvel Snap meta. Firstly, she can protect your bigger units from Shang-Chi and your smaller units from Killmonger. Armor can also win a game on turn 2 with a lucky/planned play on a location that you’re expecting your opponent to play Bucky Barnes, or a location that your opponent has already played The Hood on, preventing them from destroying these cards and giving an advantage on one lane immediately. Armor can also help seal locations that destroy cards like Death's Domain and Danger Room allowing you a way to sneak a win on an otherwise unplayable/risky location. Lastly, Armor shines at turning off your own destruction effects, such as Deathlok and Destroyer, if you’d like to play these large-stat cards with no downside!


Scorpion is a card that has been steadily rising in popularity since he was buffed a couple patches ago. With many meta cards having low power such as Patriot, Mr. Negative, Mystique, and Sandman, reducing power in-hand is a great way to push an advantage early in the game. Paired with locations such as Luke's Bar, Cloning Vats, and Kamar-Taj or cards like Wong or Odin, Scorpion becomes quite a threat in many games, having a negative effect on your opponents plans long after it has been played.


Okoye has been a card that has been in and out of the meta for a while now. A flat +1 boost to all cards in your deck, while still boasting a solid 2/2 stat line makes Okoye a viable play in any deck. Pairing Okoye with cards that summon multiple copies like Brood or Mister Sinister is just one way to take advantage of her effect as much as possible. Just be careful to not play Okoye when Weirdworld is in effect, or you’ll be boosting all of the cards that your opponent is drawing!


Daredevil is one of the newest cards added to Marvel Snap and it has already made waves to shake up the meta. Seeing your opponent’s turn 5 before playing your cards gives Daredevil a massive advantage just 1 turn before the end of the game. Use Daredevil to combo with cards like Professor X, Spiderman, or Hobgoblin and lock down lanes, or use him to secure other advantages across the board with whatever deck you are playing. Information is vital in Marvel Snap as we’re given very little of it through the current card pool, so any cards that help gain information of your opponent’s board/plays are significant.


Choosing the best cards for your deck comes down to trial and error. The aim for this list and series is to gather some of the most commonly-used and agreed upon staples in the game at all energy costs. A lot of decks begin running their game plan on turn 2 with cards like Bucky Barnes, Psylocke, or The Collector. These cards, however, will not benefit every deck. The cards in this list can all be slotted into almost any deck with success. The effects and power of these cards makes them great choices at 2-Cost.

Are there any other 2-Cost cards that you’d consider a staple? Let us know in the comments below and look forward to more lists in this series of Paper’s Staples in the future!

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Paper is a Marvel Snap content creator focusing on streaming and writing guide content. An Infinite-rank player every season, Paper is one of the top ranked players in Marvel Snap. He is a fan of everything Marvel from comic books, the MCU, and of course video games. He has a long history with card games dating back to childhood with Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! and more seriously later with the Naruto CCG, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and now Marvel Snap.

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  1. I don’t use Armor, but I was impressed with a very specific use of this in one of my battles. (Not sure if the watcher was involved…) Armor was played before the Collapsed Mine was revealed for a quick and cheap location win. I can’t see any way to get that location back – open to suggestions.

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