Best 6-Cost Marvel Snap Cards

What are the best 6-Cost cards in Marvel Snap? Paper goes over his staples for deckbuilding!

Deckbuilding in Marvel Snap is one of the most important aspects of the game. Creating a consistent and powerful deck from scratch can be difficult if you cannot find cards that fit the specific type of deck you’re trying to create.

Staple cards are a common idea in most card games. Staple cards are cards that can be included in any deck regardless of the archetype. Common staples in other card games include cards that help you draw more, counter a wide-variety of decks, or simply have such good stats that they are almost never a bad choice to play in any given game. In Marvel Snap, staples are a little harder to come by as decks only contain 12 cards, and every space counts. Certain archetypes do not have cards built for their style of play leaving players to wonder, “What should I play in this deck that costs X Energy and still fits with my deck?”

In this article, I’m going to run you through some of the best 6-Cost cards in the game. The 6-Cost slot contains the strongest cards in the game, many of which are targeted for specific decks. The cards in this list appear in many decklists on Marvel Snap Zone, and cards that I consider to be staple cards in the current Marvel Snap meta.

America Chavez

Consistency AND power? America Chavez provides an unmatched utility for deck consistency that is even more powerful than that of Domino and Quicksilver. America’s 9 power is enough to put you over the edge to win in plenty of games, making her a strong turn 6 play for most decks. But America’s power is not why she is one of the best 6-Cost cards in the game.

You can only draw America on Turn 6, meaning that for the first 5 turns of the game, you effectively are drawing from a deck of 11 cards. This effect provides a significant boost to consistency and means America Chavez should be considered in any deck that has the room for another 6-Cost card or any deck that runs off of specific combo engines like Wong, Hela, or Onslaught combos.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is the go-to choice for many decks in the 6-Cost slot. Although Doctor Doom has just 5 power, he summons a Doombot at each other location which are 5 power each. His total value of 15 board power is great for securing surprise wins over your opponent on turn 6.

Paired with cards or locations that prevent cards from being played (e.g. Storm, Sanctum Sanctorum, Death's Domain), Doctor Doom can cheese victories from an otherwise impossible situation. Doctor Doom‘s Doombots are also no-effect cards so they can be boosted by Patriot for a scary 7 power each.


Magneto fits a theme that has been on the rise in the past couple of months of Marvel Snap, though he has been a quite powerful card for much longer. At 12 power, Magneto is tied with Hulk for the strongest 6-Cost card without a significant downside. Magneto’s effect also pulls all of your opponent’s 3 AND 4-Cost cards to his location. This is great for a location that was sealed off by Spiderman or a location that has opened up on the final turn like Miniaturized Lab.

Magneto in combination with Aero the previous turn creates a situation for your opponent where they have very little agency over where they play their cards and what their final board looks like. These cards also do great to counter Wong and his current state of popularity by being able to pull the turn 5 card with Aero and then on turn 6 pull the Wong away so that your opponent does not get to use Wong’s effect at all.


Choosing the best cards for your deck comes down to trial and error. The aim for this list and series is to gather some of the most commonly-used and agreed upon staples in the game at all energy costs. These cards, however, will not benefit every deck. The cards in this list can all be slotted into almost any deck with success. The effects and power of these cards makes them great choices at 6-Cost.

Are there any other 6-Cost cards that you’d consider a staple? Let us know in the comments below!

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Paper is a Marvel Snap content creator focusing on streaming and writing guide content. An Infinite-rank player every season, Paper is one of the top ranked players in Marvel Snap. He is a fan of everything Marvel from comic books, the MCU, and of course video games. He has a long history with card games dating back to childhood with Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! and more seriously later with the Naruto CCG, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and now Marvel Snap.

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