Best 3-Cost Marvel Snap Cards

Global Release is so close now, and Paper wants to make sure you know exactly what staples exist at each cost! Today, they're looking at the best 3-cost cards to full your curve!

Deckbuilding in Marvel Snap is one of the most important aspects of the game. Creating a consistent and powerful deck from scratch can be difficult if you cannot find cards that fit the specific type of deck you’re trying to create.

Staple cards are a common idea in most card games. Staple cards are cards that can be included in any deck regardless of the archetype. Common staples in other card games include cards that help you draw more, counter a wide-variety of decks, or simply have such good stats that they are almost never a bad choice to play in any given game. In Marvel Snap, staples are a little harder to come by as decks only contain 12 cards, and every space counts. Certain archetypes do not have cards built for their style of play leaving players to wonder, “What should I play in this deck that costs X Energy and still fits with my deck?”

In this article, I’m going to run you through some of the best 3-Cost cards in the game. These are cards that appear in many decklists on Marvel Snap Zone, and cards that I consider to be staple cards in the current Marvel Snap meta.


Despite his nerf, Bishop remains one of the most powerful cards in all of Marvel Snap. Bishop’s ability provides a passive increase to his power just by playing other cards. This can result in some large Bishops climbing to upwards of 7-10 by the end of the game without any additional effort. Bishop’s versatility lends to his inclusion in most decks looking for a 3-Cost unit to throw in.


One of the first cards you acquire in your Marvel Snap collection, Wolfsbane provides a solid power for only 3 Energy. Playing Wolfsbane on a lane with 3 cards is ideal however, playing Wolfsbane on a location with just 2 other units is also acceptable for 5 power. One of my favorite location combos for Wolfsbane is Cloning Vats. When Wolfsbane is played here, the copy that is added to your hand retains the power that she gained when you played her. This lets you add more Wolfsbanes to that location and coming out with a massive Wolfsbane to play on another location on the final turn for even more power. Overall, Wolfsbane is a solid 3-Cost card with a respectable stat line that can be quite helpful for players new and old alike.


Destroying cards is a great way to create an advantage and secure victory. Killmonger destroys all 1-Cost cards on the board and provides a standard 3 Power to your board. With the prevalence of Sunspot alone, Killmonger provides great value to flip a location that your opponent otherwise thought was locked in. Killmonger counters quite a few deck that utilize multiple 1-cost units. Ongoing(Ant Man, Quinjet, Ebony Maw), Destroy (Demon, Nova, Yondu), Discard (Blade, Sunspot) are all countered in some way by smart Killmonger play. Hold him for turn 5 or 6 to get a surprise swing in power, giving your opponent less time to react (or no time if it’s the final turn).

Green Goblin

Every space is valuable in Marvel Snap. We’re only given 12 spaces to fill out our board and outplay our opponents. This is why cards like Green Goblin are so effective. Green Goblin offers a net +3 power for your board while also taking up a space on your opponent’s side and leaving you with a full empty location to fill with 4 more cards. -3 Power to any slot on your opponent’s board is going to have a meaningful impact if they cannot remove the card or buff its power. Interrupt scaling cards like Angela or throw a wrench in your opponent’s combos like Wong.


Thor is a card that may seem like he can only work in a few decks, but in actuality, Thor’s nerf to 3-Cost has made him much more available and practical to run in a wider variety of decks. 3-Cost for 4 power is pretty standard, but it’s the possibility to become 10 power that sets him apart from the other 3-Costs currently available. Play Thor’s Mjolnir on a Kamar-Taj or Sinister London to create massive chain reactions resulting in huge power swings or simply play Mjolnir as another unit to buff the previously highlighted Bishop. If you are playing a deck that has Odin included, playing Mjlonir with Odin is a scary combo that your opponent likely will not see coming.


Choosing the best cards for your deck comes down to trial and error. The aim for this list and series is to gather some of the most commonly-used and agreed upon staples in the game at all energy costs. These cards, however, will not benefit every deck. The cards in this list can all be slotted into almost any deck with success. The effects and power of these cards makes them great choices at 3-Cost.

Are there any other 3-Cost cards that you’d consider a staple? Let us know in the comments below and look forward to more lists in this series of Paper’s Staples in the future!

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Paper is a Marvel Snap content creator focusing on streaming and writing guide content. An Infinite-rank player every season, Paper is one of the top ranked players in Marvel Snap. He is a fan of everything Marvel from comic books, the MCU, and of course video games. He has a long history with card games dating back to childhood with Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! and more seriously later with the Naruto CCG, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and now Marvel Snap.

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