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Shielded Heart Bundle Guide – Is It Worth Buying?

Marvel Snap's second 'Hero' Variant Bundle, Shielded Heart, is available for players to purchase for 5000 Gold from December 17 to 24. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Shielded Heart is Marvel Snap’s second of the four Variant Bundles for its “Hero” event to commemorate its animated music video in collaboration with Martin Garrix and JVKE. It follows the Hearts Wild Bundle in the Shop tab of the client, available for a week for 5000 Gold. Players receive 3000 Credits, Variants and Avatars for Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, and Doctor Doom. Check out all the details about this bundle including our guide.

Shielded Heart Bundle Details

Shielded Heart Bundle
Start DateDecember 17, 2022 at 3 AM GMT
End DateDecember 24, 2022 at 3 AM GMT
Cost5000 Gold

Shielded Heart Bundle Rewards

3000 Credits
Invisible Woman Avatar
Invisible Woman Variant
Mister Fantastic Avatar
Mister Fantastic Variant
Doctor Doom Avatar
Doctor Doom Variant



Here is another mostly purely cosmetic Bundle, with the amount of Credits being offered not matching up to the conversion to the Gold required.

At a rate of 1.25 Credits per 1 Gold, we are getting significantly less Credits here 3000 (5000 Gold = 6250 Credits) so we have to put the rest of the 2600 Gold value of the Variants and the Avatars. This puts the Variants at around 866 Gold value each, slightly more than the 700 Gold value for the Rare Variants in the Daily Offer. The Bundle would be a highly subjective purchase and is not the best deal unless the Variants offered are your style and the cards are ones you can see enjoy playing in the future.

Mister Fantastic is a card that everyone has access to, but it also may come to the fact that you want to play with the Series 3 cards Invisible Woman and Doctor Doom before you collect them naturally. Do note that you do not receive their Base Cards if you purchase this bundle, meaning that players would still have to open the Base Cards in the Collector’s Cache and Reserves or you may find them in your Token Shop for 1000 Collector’s Tokens – merely allowing you to play them earlier than usual.

While we rate Invisible Woman as a more specific Tier C card, Doctor Doom is a great Tier A card that may help boost your decks. The fact that the Bundle is available for Gold rather than cash is a point to consider.

Keep in mind the following points before purchasing Bundles:

  • The new maximum Credit storage limit is 10000
  • Variants offered in Bundles are exclusive and are likely not offered through other sources

You may also want to plan ahead and find out what other Bundles are upcoming and save your resources for until the one you like comes along. Find all the upcoming Bundles here (subject to change when they are released):

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  1. Getting Dr Doom would be great but I’m having a real hard time liking the art on the Mr and Mrs cards – what are your guys’ thoughts? Just me or are these weirding everybody out lol

  2. 6,250 – 3000 is in fact 3,250, which means that each variant + avatar combo is valued at 1,083. If you value each variant at 700 and not 1,200 (though they’re obviously *super* rare), that means each avatar is valued at 383.

    But if you value them at 1,200 gold each, and the titles at 0, then the bundle is worth 6,000 gold (3 * 1200 + 2,400’s gold worth of credits).

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