Daily Offer Completed

Player Completes Variant Collection: How Much Was Spent and What Happens Next?

Every released card has its own set of variants that can cost 700, 1200 Gold, or 5000 Collector's Tokens. How much does it take to own them all?

Content Creator Cozy shared on Twitter what it looks like if a player owns all possible variants they can purchase from the Daily Offer in the Marvel Snap Shop:

What we know from the Daily Offer is that:

  • It only offers variants among cards already in your collection.
  • There are two variant rarities being offered:
    • Rare Variants consist of around 75% of total Variants and cost 700 Gold (around $10 equivalent). They can also be rewards from other sources, such as the Season Pass.
    • Super Rare Variants are only available in the shop and cost 1200 Gold (around $15 equivalent).
  • The other variant rarity, Token Shop Ultimate, are only available from the Token Shop for 5000 Collector’s Tokens and do not appear in the Daily Offer.

So knowing that, the player does not necessarily have a full collection (with how hard Series 4 and 5 cards are to get) nor would have all the Token Shop Ultimate variants but this is still an incredible amount of Gold spent to purchase all their available variants.

Our variants database shows a 1105 total variants (included unreleased cards) and a user did some rough maths – at least $11000 USD!

According to the Marvel Snap Zone, there are currently 1,105 Art Variants in the game today. Around 25% of the cards are Super Rare Variants, only available from the Daily offer for 1200 Gold, roughly $15. There are also Rare Variants, which is the majority of the cards, that can be obtained from either the store, Season Pass, or Launch Week Celebration, usually costing around $10 a pop.

Then there are the Ultimate Variants, which are only purchasable from the Token Shop. A shop only accessible to players with a collection level of 500. To put it in layman’s terms, you must have already spent big to spend bigger.

11k minimum

So what happens after? Well, according to the developers you get 200 Gold in a place of a 700 Gold Mystery Variant reward and you would not have any Daily Offer until you acquire a new card like in the screenshot above.

Q: If a player gets all of the 700 gold variants, what will happen? We Know you can only get 700g variants from reserves, 1200g variants can be gotten only from the shop. If whales have all 700g variants and they get a reward of a variant, what will they get?

A: Ben Brode “If it’s a reserve that would have had a variant in it, the other items in that box just become more likely to drop (in this case it’s the cosmetics box, so you’ll see more titles and avatars, at least until we add more categories of cosmetics). If it’s one of those purple “Mystery Variant” rewards on the season pass or something, the fallback is 200g.”

Developer Update for the Week of January 18, 2023: Post-Patch Edition!

While Marvel Snap is a free-to-play game, there has been a lot of questions about its monetization model ranging from price of variants, pushed new cards that are almost impossible to get, and Season Pass cards that are locked behind a paywall becoming a part of the meta.

On the other side of the collection system, a player has also reached the maximum possible Collection Level and acquired all the cards in the game in the process by spending at least $5000. At Collection Level 22366, the rewards end until Second Dinner adds more! Check out the full scoop below:

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