Negative Seratonin (With Just *Two* Pool Three Cards) – A Deck By Alkahest_PT

Today's Deck Highlight looks to demonstrate that, if you've opened a cool card, you don't have to wait for *more* cool cards to play it - Alkahest_PT shares a Negative Seratonin list and guide that only dips into Pool Three for the namesake cards!

Welcome to Community Deck Feature! – A series here at Marvel Snap Zone where, as often as I can, I’m going to dip my toes over into the Deck Database section, pull out something that I think is cool or will be useful to newer players, and showcase it in text and video for the entire Snap community to see!

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Today’s decklist comes from a user we’ve featured on the series before: Alkahest_PT! – Alkahest has since moved on from their Pool Two Anti-Meta shenanigans, finding themselves (much like many global release players) knocking on Pool Three’s door. Since then, they’ve found an archetype they love: The well known Sera Negative deck (lovingly known as Negative Seratonin by the team here at Marvel Snap Zone) – unwilling to wait to have all the Pool Three cards, Alkahest went to work on a list that contains only two cards from Pool Three – The namesakes Sera and Mr Negative.

The Negative One – Negative Seratonin Budget (with Walkthrough)
Created by Alkahest_PT
, updated 9 months ago
2x Collection Level 1-14
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
2x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season
1x Starter Card

Hello, and welcome once more to another evil anti-meta deck!
This time, we are going for a Slipknot theme-inspired deck: “The Negative One” deck 😉

This one is intended to make you laugh a little and give you at the same time some more options to explore in this Marvel Snap Collection frenzy, now with the latest wakandian terror swarming our matches, the fierce Black Panther, and specially the Arnim Zola meme-wombo-combo! 😡

I have started this game since its global release, not before, so I have a little disadvantage on the grinding aspects of Marvel Snap’s Collection Level. But that doesn’t make me want to stop exploring all the possibilities that this new pool 3 gives us new players, so let’s get into the rationale of this one:

– One of the best counter-mechanics to any On Reveal deck will be a card that can basically deny it at a core location. And we got just the right monster for that: Cosmo. The fierce puppy will sometimes be enough to let your opponent understand that his mechanic is now being questioned. Cosmo will also be very effective against Discard and Destroy decks, because they rely on the On Reveal of some low stat cards to ramp up throughout the match.

– We can clearly see in Den‘s most recent Metagame Tier List (November 8th, 2022) that Negative Seratonin still has a huge potencial, being one of the most powerful Tier 2 decks. That means that for anyone who already has some or most of its core components ( Mister Negative and Sera ), you will want to explore some of it!

– Without a lot of the other excelent options that Negative Seratonin offers you, this deck doesn’t aim to be an elite deck. We can’t fool ourselves. If you are expecting a lot of winning streaks almost without an effort, this won’t be your thing. But if you intend to flavour the pain of On Reveal, Destroy, Discards archetype denial and meme spam, while trying some new deck archetypes, this is some sweet cherry pie to be served on your opponent’s face! 😀

Walkthrough is somewhat tricky, but I will try my best:

– Turn 1 is a waiting turn. This is one of this deck archetype’s most detrimental aspects, but you will find it extremelly rewarding in a Mister Negative deck that the late turns won’t provide you trash power cards.

– Turn 2 is hopefully the beginning of Angela ’s ramp. you want to get it on turn 2 always. the only problem is it will not occur every time, and it may cost you a lot to spend two turns without any game placement. Therefore, I have chose Okoye as a second tier turn 2 option, which can be a double-edge knife: it is quite useful if you fail to get Mister Negative ’s effect, but it will be somewhat detrimental if you get him in your hand. 

– Turn 3 we are looking for two options: either deny an enemy’s growing location of a Destroy-deck which was already with Nova and Bucky Barnes set on field with our mighty Cosmo, or start growing yet another ramp card, Bishop. We can also use apply some more overall pressure on all locations with Mister Fantastic.

-By Turn 4, we need to either have Mister Negative and activate it’s mechanic, or call Jubilee and hopefuly reach him out, increasing your late game options. My inclusion of Jubilee is also intended to create room for a early turn 5 with Sera ’s ongoing ability, which will surprise the opponent and hopefully make you blast him off next turns. Finally, she also benefits a lot from Mister Negative ‘s effect, becoming a 1 cost card with 4 Power which summons you yet another reversed card!

– As you see by turn 5, the cards you will draw are favored by Mister Negative’s mechanics, and you now just gotta do the best choices to achieve victory! Iron Man is now a 0 cost mana monster for any location, and Wolfsbane is a 1 cost mana which can reach up to 9 Power! The Blue Marvel is a 3 cost 5 power bruiser which will still give you its amazing effect, and even our classic big-boy denier Shang-Chi is somewhat bigger! If you haven’t activated Mister Negative On Reveal ability, no worries: just place Sera, and prepare your wombo-combo at turn 6! 

– I have added my faithful Shang-Chi to the deck specially for a turn 6 where your everyday savior for any broken location may be needed: The Infinaut, Devil Dinosaur, Black Panther, Destroyer, Apocalypse, you name it… they don’t have a chance on us if we save him, and you can use it to deny them the pleasure of winning by complying with the meta. 


– Budget deck, focused mainly on utilizing two pool 3 cards you may have just encountered climbing the Collection Ladder;

– Very versatile approach, you can try to ramp some locations or focus on late game denial;

– Has a good overall competitive strategy, making it a good deck to climb until 40-50 on the competitive ladder, and later with a little more effort but still a good anti-deck.


– Will obviously improve the more cards you get closer to the real deal.

– Doesn’t provide a lot of good options against zoo decks, specially the Patriot version.

Sandman is not approving any of your wombo-combo’s and can be very hard to win a match if he comes into play.

– As soon as you get Mystique or Mojo, trade Okoye for one of them. She can be of use, but you can really feel it increasing your reversed card’s cost, which will be detrimental for big last turn combos, specially if Sera wasn’t on your hand when you trigger the On Reveal effect. You may try to use Scarlet Witch or Scorpion as other good Pool 2 options early. I find that Okoye still offers a lot of late game power to counter an overall bad draw throughout all the match. I use it as a “ Mister Negative won’t do it, let’s just ramp” card.

I hope you enjoyed this one, and feel free to use it and improve it, and SNAP your way into the competition ladder!

PS: Once again I would like to give a huge thanks to Howling Mines for making an article on this budget deck! Feel free to visit the full article version, and comment on Youtube what would your tech choices be! I have evolved a lot in playing my personalized Mister Negative deck since i heard more opinions, so I highly recommend that you watch and comment your personal experience playing these deck archetypes! 🙂

Alkahest continues to write some of the most detailed guides I can find in our Deck Builder – which leaves me without too much to tell you in terms of how the deck should play, and the thought process behind the card choices – but honestly? I had a blast playing with this one!

I’m still a little skeptical of Okoye specifically, as it really is a bit of a non-bo with Mr Negative – I wouldn’t mind seeing a more high-roll card in that slot like White Tiger or Ironheart, at least until we can find Mojo a little bit later down the line.

We’re also trying some brand new overlays for this series on YouTube thanks to user feedback, so if you’d like to do me a favour, peek the gameplay video and let me know what you like and what you’d change!

What do you think? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, on YouTube, or tag us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone!

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