Pool Two Anti-Meta – A Deck by Alkahest_PT

Today's Deck Highlight looks to shut down other players entering Pool Two alongside you! - Check out this sweet anti-meta list designed to steal games from your opponent with Shang-Chi, Killmonger and Enchantress!

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Today’s decklist comes from our Community Deck Builder – A sweet Anti-Meta Strategy from Alkahest_PT designed to best the main cards you’ll see as you ascend through Pool Two, with powerful permission tools such as Shang-Chi and Killmonger!

†† The Anti-Meta Deck †† – Pool 2 (with Walkthrough)
Created by Alkahest_PT
, updated 6 months ago
6x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
5x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
1x Starter Card

††† The Anti-Meta Deck †††

If you have a dark sense of humour, feel free to join the Classic Meta Antichrist, and have a few laughs with this deck.

It’s main purpose is to make use of the most prevailing types of decks you will find on Pool 2, and deny them. It will also be of great use when Devil Dinosaur decks and The Infinaut decks are poping on the meta, because of Shang-Chi and Enchantress presence.

The walktrough is simple: 

  • Turn 1 you will be hoping to get Iceman or Nova. You won’t have a lot of 1-cost cards on purpose, since we want to let the zoo decks to get their upper hand to capitalize on Killmonger by turn 3. 
  • Turn 2 is pretty much where more variables will account into your decision. Lizard is an excelent card to drop at turn 2, because you can later capitalize on Enchantress On Reveal ability, denying the Ongoing negative effect, and gaining a solid 9 stat without a lot of mana waste. It is also a good card on its own, presenting itself as a big threat early, and thus making your opponent fill that location. You also have Scarlet Witch to alter the location which may be favoring your opponent’s deck archetype, but sometimes it’s better to save her for later turns when you have a good hint on what deck your opponent is using. Scorpion will be a good card if the opponent was trying to accumulate cards on his/her hand, or if he/she is playing a slower deck archetype. Angela is also a good adition if no other card appears by turn 2, because at least you will be able to grow it larger and larger in power with each new turn.
  • Turn 3, we will be going for Killmonger if zoo, and The Punisher if you feel like there will be a late droping. Save Killmonger if they aren’t Zoo and you want to fill your board first to gain stats with the ” NovaKillmonger wombo-combo”! This is usually a good game changer for most of the aggro decks you will find, making them tremble in fear and sometimes instantly retreating! 😀😀
  • Turn 4 is hopefully when Enchantress gets her appearance, canceling your opponents Ongoing combos, and making them suffer in agony because of the low stat cards they usually are left with. 😉
  • If by Turn 5 they haven’t surrendered yet, that means that it is probably a late-game deck. You will have a chance of balancing heavy-powered locations with Hobgoblin, which will always be a sting in the groin area for any slow-roll deck which was focusing on a single location domination.
  • By Turn 6, we are assuming only the really heavy monsters will be sent. This is where Shang-Chi can be of use if you are clearly losing, because of a turn 5 Devil Dinosaur who just popped up, or by a crazy-dance-move Vulture. If you are lucky and get to be playing second, you will also be able to deny heavy-stat cards like America Chavez, The Hulk, The Infinaut, and Apocalypse, thus denying most of the late game finishers. In case all of the above still won’t make it, we got our own America Chavez as mulligan, to finish some locations with the presence of a strong independent girl!


  • Almost always hilarious to play with, while having a decent climb in the competition ladder. Feel free to spam emotes for the opponent to have fun too 😀
  • Focused on denying classic meta-decks.
  • Being the second player is actually an advantage to be taken into consideration for touching the snap-button, since your deck revolves around counter-mechanism cards.
  • Very versatile, you can change your game strategy accordingly.


  • Very reliant on good card draw early.
  • Vulnerable to Knowhere Location and to Cosmo (deny On Reveal abilities) .
  • Not particularly strong against Move Decks.
  • Hobgoblin can destroy your match if you play it on a full location. Be sure to be careful. Also, Odin can deny your Hobgoblin, so watch out for that recoil (try to fill the location next turn after releasing him if you assume opponent has it).
  • There will be better versions of this anti-deck with the Pool 3 cards.

PS: I would really like to thank HowlingMines for highlighting my deck! It is amazing that I actually started to have to duel my own deck quite often since the review was published 😀  I added his video for better understanding of the overall mechanics, and you can also check his comments and opinions by clicking here

Personally, I think Alkahest has cooked up a hot one here. Many players in Pool Two are still looking to leverage the powerful Kazoo strategy, abuse The Infinaut, or play powerful Ongoing effects, and these deck is packing tools that can truly blow out all of those strategies, through Shang-Chi, Killmonger and Enchantress.

The secret all-star here is America Chavez, not only making sure we’ve got a powerful turn six play every game, but significantly increasing the chances we find the appropriate lock-piece to put whichever opponent we’re against in a bind.

Lastly, this deck has some really powerful turn six plays – it’s hard for a lot of decks to play around these power cards, and all of them are very capable of locking up a location by themselves on the final turn, allowing for aggressive snapping and many cubes!

Alkahest has also left some tips above too, rationalising a lot of their card choices. Personally, I found The Punisher a little unimpressive, and wouldn’t hate shifting it over to something more impactful – maybe Sandman can enter the fray as yet another lock-piece for this fun, disruptive strategy!

What do you think? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, on YouTube, or tag us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone!

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  1. But why popularize emote spamming? It’s literally the only way to be toxic in this game, no reason to abuse it especially with this rapidly growing new player base🤷🏻‍♂️

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