Pool One Ongoing Budget Deck by YoYakuman

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Welcome to Community Deck Feature! – A brand new series here at Marvel Snap Zone. As often as I can, I’m going to dip my toes over into the Deck Database section, pull out something that I think is cool or will be useful to newer players, and showcase it in text and video for the entire Snap community to see!

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Today’s decklist is a Pool-One only Ongoing Build by YoYakuman:

Pool 1 Ongoing Midrange
Created by YoYakuman
, updated 11 months ago
2x Collection Level 1-14
6x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Recruit Season
2x Starter Card

Deck curves a bit more midrange than the typical ongoing list. This gives you some leeway as you enter Pool 2, so you can play around Kilmonger.

Nightcrawler gives you a versatile 1 drop that you can move around into difficult locations or use to juice Angela up.

Ant-Man is typically ending the game as a 1/4. A very efficient 1 drop.

Yondu provides a lot of disruption for his cost, you can also run Korg or Elektra in this slot. Mathematically Korg might be superior to Yondu.

Angela is a 2/7 or 2/9 with Nightcrawler, tremendous stat stick for her cost.

Colossus is a reliable 2/3 that isn’t bothered by anything. You can throw him out in a difficult location, and of course, he’s Ongoing tagged.

Cosmo is a tech pick, Enchantress might be better in this slot, but I picked Cosmo since the curve was a little more suitable and he only conflicts with Yondu and Spectrum.

The Punisher is anti-zoo, and Punishes stacking, as a 3/6, pun intended. You can also run Mister Fantastic in this slot.

Captain America is effectively a 3/6 when flooding a location, and can also be used to even out location hazards like Raptors, Ninjas,Squirrels, Rocks, etc. You can also run Mister Fantastic in this slot.

Namor might be my favorite card in the game. That might be a hot take, but his ability to contest a location so cheaply to force opposition resources or outright steal an area when boosted by Klaw or Spectrum makes him a must-play for me. Worst case he’s a 4/5 vanilla, which reminds me of Chillwind Yeti, even though 4/5 vanilla is bad in Snap. You can also run Jessica Jones in this slot for a little more flexibility.

Iron Man is insane and oftentimes just guarantees a location. You could probably run Blue Marvel in this spot instead, but if you’re running Blue you might as well run Zoo instead.

Klaw lets you attack multiple lanes at once on your 5 or 6 drop, and can oftentimes swing the game in your favor. It also allows you to attack difficult terrain locations like Space Throne.

Spectrum is our general game-ender. 66% of our deck is Ongoing, and while you have to play around Cosmo, they provide a decent amount of power, sometimes to locked locations or the solo Namor to swing a location.

Honestly, the reason why I chose to feature YoYakuman’s list as our first entry is because they gave us such a detailed, incredible breakdown of their thoughts and feelings in the post, even explaining that they wanted to hedge around Killmonger a little as they moved into Pool Two!

I agree with nearly all of what YoYakuman has to say – personally, I do think I’d prefer Korg in the Yondu slot as my choice of disruption, and I think Cosmo over Enchantress is probably a needed evil, even though Enchantress seems better against the room at the moment.

Honestly, it’s a little hard for this deck to tangle with Pool Three – but it does powerful things, and as you can see in the video, gives both you and your opponent many options.

What do you think? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, on YouTube, or tag us on Twitter @MarvelSnapZone!

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