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Marvel Snap Metagame Tier List, March 14th, 2023
Marvel Snap March 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart
Marvel Snap April 2023 Season Pass

Balance Updates
Darkhawk: 4/1 -> 4/0
Thanos: 6/8 -> 6/11
Sandman: 4/1 -> 5/5
Spider-Woman: 5/7 -> 5/8
Namor: 4/5 -> 4/6
Dagger: 2/1 -> 2/2

Mar 6 ~ Apr 3: Days of Future Past Season
Mar 21 ~ Apr 3: Steampunk Variant Rush
Apr 3 ~ May 1: Animals Assemble Season

Mar 1 ~ Mar 9: Momoko Magic
Mar 7 ~ Mar 8: Token Tuesday
Mar 9 ~ Mar 16: Rivalry Week
Mar 14 ~ Mar 15: Token Tuesday
Mar 16 ~ Mar 25: Mutant Masterpiece
Mar 16 ~ Mar 20: Special Offer
Mar 21 – Mar 22: Token Tuesday
Mar 25 ~ Mar 27: Weekend
Mar 27 ~ Mar 28: Daily
Mar 28 ~ Mar 29: Daily
Mar 29 ~ Mar 30: Daily
Mar 30 ~ Mar 31: Daily
Mar 31 ~ Apr 1: Daily
Apr 1 ~ Apr 2: April Fools 2023
Apr 1 ~ Apr 3: Weekend
April 3 ~ April 5: Daily Finale

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Pool (Series) 2 Beginner Decks

Our up to date guide on the best competitive budget Marvel Snap decks built with cards only in Pool (Series) 1 and 2 (Collection Level 474 and below).
Screenshot of Credits purchasable in the Shop


The Shop in Marvel Snap offers various goods for purchase, with both in-game currency and real money. The shop resets daily at 7 PM PST (3 AM GMT), except for the Fast Upgrade which updates…

Token Shop Tier List! – The Best Cards To Pin

The Token Shop is a very exciting update, but some players struggle with if they should save their newfound tokens for rarer new cards, or finally get their dream cards from Series 3? HowlingMines whips up a video for a different kind of Tier List this week - here's what you should be looking to buy first!

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Adam Warlock Art by combobreak

Meta Tier List

Marvel Snap Metagame Tier List, March 14th, 2023: Lockjaw Thanos, Undisputed Marvel Snap King
What's new in the first week of the Days of Future Past Season? Spoiler: not much! But there were some exciting comebacks in the Silent Performers section and some interesting new takes on well established decks. Nimrod even made it into a few lists as a solid upgrade to some cards. Get a read on the meta by reading this week's Tier List!

Updated: March 14, 2023

Tier SThanos Lockjaw 🔼Guide
Tier 1Shuri ZeroGuide
Tier 1Sera Control 🔼Guide
Tier 2Thanos Ongoing ZooGuide
Tier 2Good Cards DoomWave 🆕
Tier 2Zabu Darkhawk 🔼Guide
Tier 3DeathWaveGuide
Tier 3Electro Ramp 🔽Guide
Tier 3Galactus 🔽
Tier 3Lockjaw Thor 🔽
Tier 4Dracula Discard 🔽Guide
Tier 4Deadpool 🆕
Tier 4Junk Control 🆕Guide
BudgetHandsize Destroy
BudgetSandman KazooGuide

Silent Performers of the Week

Silver Surfer
Patriot Guide
Valkyrie PatriotGuide
Shuri Nimrod Ramp

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  • Observe your ladder climb and ranking progress
  • Track your matches, each with replays, and inventory
  • Find decks using your current collection
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