“Zerocula” – Dracula Ka-Zoo Series 3 Only Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

Did Santa still not bring Series 4/5 cards for Christmas? HowlingMines is working on Series 3 only decks, and he's found one that not enough people are playing - does Kazoo get better with The Infinaut?

Welcome back, Snappers across the multiverse! I hope you had a lovely holiday period, and ate plenty of good food! I have now returned from visiting family, so it’s time for me to screw my Snap head back on, livestream some infinite gameplay, and make new videos every day over on the Snap Zone YouTube channel!

However, while I was away – I kept thinking about all your comments, lovely or otherwise.
The one I get most these days has remained the same – “I don’t have these Series 4 or 5 cards”

I understand, I do – we try and make content for everyone here at Marvel Snap Zone, but it can be a little frustrating when the Tier List is caked in new cards, and you just don’t know what to play. We’re trying to feature more unique things each week in Infinite Decks of The Week , but I’m going to be making a conscious effort to find more “budget friendly” options as I move forward, too.

This started while I was away, with a shiny new video targeted toward the best decks to play if you only have Series 2 cards:

But the cooking really began thanks to our last Infinite Decks episode when it comes to Series 3, where I found a reinvigorated version of a classic archetype that I just don’t think anywhere enough people are talking about.

Enter: “Zerocula”

Created by den
, updated 10 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
4x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season

In a world dominated by Leech and Leader, it seems counterintuitive to make a old deck better by adding more “big cards” to it, but this deck is secretly leveraging them through those cards thanks to the power of Dracula.

The plan remains as it always has for the first few turns: Dominate the locations with early cheap stats, and disrupt the opponent with Cosmo and Armor – you want to look like Traditional Kazoo for as long as possible – then, in the late game, surprise the opponent with huge bursts of stats from Dracula and Red Skull, winning a lane all by themselves.

It’s very easy to isolate The Infinaut in your hand with this deck – everything else is so cheap, but Red Skull does offer a solid backup plan if you don’t find it. Speaking of Red Skull, he offers large stats alone without Dracula, and pairs well with Zero – a 1 cost, large stat card that fits right into Kazoo.

The other standout inclusion is Sunspot. Sunspot is often just a good 1-cost card, but it really shines in games where you may need to play The Infinaut to win, allowing you to safely skip turn 5 while still gaining an advantage. He’s also another card that shines into Morag, the current featured location – and one this deck is very good into!

This deck was originally pioneered by Twitter User @HandongChoi back on December 19th as a deck they climbed to Infinite with, and also mentioned heavily by Marvel Snap’s Data Scientist Tian Ding – so don’t just take my word for it – Dracula may very well be the future of Ka-Zoo, and a great way of giving the archetype a fresh breath of life!

Enjoy the gameplay and Deck Highlight, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Listen to the video if you want further explanations on certain cards, and I hope you enjoy the games!
Let me know what you think in our Community Discord, come find me on Twitter or come and join a livestream sometime on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 18:30pm GMT on the YouTube Channel.

Until then, I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve been amazing.
See you out there in the multiverse!

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