It's Morbin' Time But We're Still in Pool 2

Pool 2 Morbius Discard Deck – Infinite Rank – Love and Thunder Season

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In today’s Deck Highlight, we have a beginner friendly Discard deck built around Morbius by valentine! Dubbed “It’s Morbin’ Time But We’re Still in Pool 2”, this is a highly synergistic aggro deck that only requires a few cards from Pool 2 to start playing. Enjoy the accompanying writeup below by the author and check out their Twitch stream!


It’s Morbin’ Time But We’re Still in Pool 2
Created by Valentine
, updated 10 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
7x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
4x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)

You just pulled the Morb. You’re still in Pool 2 but you still wanna Morb in a Society.


BladeLady Sif, and Sword Master gives us all the Discard ability we can use up to this point. These cards will be key in powering up Morb and Apocalypse. We want to use them to discard Swarm to gain two 0-Cost copies of it, as well as discard Apocalypse, to gain +4 Power for him each time we do. Meanwhile our Morb procs Morbin’ Time as we get these Discard plays. We want to hold Nakia to play when Swarm is in our hand (before or after he splits from a Discard, doesn’t matter). We end our games with a super powered up Apocalypse preferably.

Turn 1:  With KIllmonger now in Pool 2 and Elektra still decently played, we keep our 1-Cost cards to minimum. Throw down Sunspot or Nightcrawler somewhere if you have them. Blade is better saved for valuable Discard plays so don’t rush to play him. I also like to save Nightcrawler for after an Angela since he can always be moved and still gets the +2 Power for it. 

Turn 2: Angela here preferably in a new location you’d like to control. If you don’t have her and have Lady Sif instead, play her if it will discard Apocalypse or SwarmMorb is Ongoing so we can always play him any of the following turns.

Turn 3: Bishop if you have it. There’s no rush to play Nakia, especially if we don’t have Swarm in hand yet. 

Turn 4-5: Make the best Discard plays that you can at this point. If you discard Swarm at any point you don’t need to play them right away since they are 0-Cost and can be played Turn 6. Remember you’re guaranteed to draw America Chavez Turn 6 as well unless it was removed from the deck by your opponent.

Turn 6: Throw down your Swarms and your powered up Apocalypse. If things didn’t go too well you have a 9-Power America Chavez you draw here to hopefully still net you the win.

Possible Substitutes: [*Edit: I since updated this list to have Sunspot in place of Ant-Man, because ever since I’ve unlocked him, there are many times I don’t spend Energy in order to make Discard plays] Ant-Man is a suitable replacement if you don’t have Sunspot yet. You could also substitute either of the 1-Cost cards besides Blade with many of the popular disrupt cards too (IcemanKorgYondu, etc.) if that is more your playstyle. [*Note: Yondu doesn’t count as Discarding]

Meme title aside this is still very strong in the meta. I’m Infinite rank and am having plenty success with it. PS: Be sure to let out an edgy “It’s Morbin’ Time…” every time a discard powers him up c: [PSS:stream decks like this btw so feel free to stop by!]

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