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Marvel Snap Version 9.16.0 Datamine - Upcoming New Cards, Variants, and Locations

Marvel Snap Version 9.16.0 Datamine – Upcoming New Cards, Variants, and Locations

The much anticipated Marvel Snap November 29, 2022 update is now live, with the patch bringing the Token Shop and Collector’s Tokens, Series 4 and Series 5 cards, card balance updates, Cyber Holiday bundle, and more. We’ve now also updated the database to reflect the new changes!

Along with all that, there’s always new data from the new game version that can be extracted for upcoming releases, which is always useful for preparing ahead of time or just for fun. Find out what’s coming to Marvel Snap in the coming weeks below – especially considering there’s already a lot of unreleased cards and an unannounced weekly card release method.

Beware before scrolling down, spoilers ahead!

New Cards

More than 60 unreleased cards were datamined in Marvel Snap waiting for their release, and 16 of them now released as Series 4 and 5 cards. Version 9.16.0 are two brand new characters to enter Marvel Snap: Ghost and Stature.

As a side note, cards like Loki exist in the database but do not even have images yet, and cards like Flatman, Goblin Queen, and War Machine do but the abilities are likely just a placeholder (Ka-Zar clone in this case) meaning that other than their names, they are all subject to major changes closer to their release.


Manipulating the turn priority can be a huge deal, if we take into account Daredevil‘s power in the game. Waiting for your opponents to reveal their cards so you can Shang-Chi them in response will always leave a bitter taste in their mouth!


An ability looking to counter Discard decks, which aren’t currently running amok in the meta but it’s always good to have a tech card to counter strategies.

New Variants

A lot of new Variants have been added to the database, and you can check them out in our variant database right away. This includes completion of variant category series for the rest of the cards, unreleased cards, some more cool individual ones, and more. While we won’t be covering every single new variant this time round, here is a breakdown on some of the important new features:

Token Shop Ultimate Variants

Rare Variants and Super Rare Variants are available for 700 Gold and 1200 Gold respectively, but we’re now seeing another rarity pool for variants, specifically for the new Token Shop. These cost 5000 Collector’s Token in total, and there are two available currently, one of Ghost Rider and Namor. More are waiting to be released, so check them all out below:

Artist Categories

There is a huge demand in further details for the thousands of Marvel characters and their art, so Second Dinner has added artist names as Variant categories as a step in the right direction. Hopefully, we’ll see more information such as character bio and lore behind each of them as well!

Take note that Baby Variants by Skottie Young are categorized as such already.

New Locations

5 new Locations are scheduled to be the Featured Locations for each week for the January 2023 Season, Savage Land starting January 2, 2023 featuring Zabu! Of course, we will be covering them to help you with starter decks and strategy. Check out the season details below in our guide:

Got any more important information we’re missing? Let us know on our Discord!

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