I Am Groot Bundle

I Am Groot Bundle Guide – Details and Analysis

I Am Groot Bundle details, guide, and analysis. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

I Am Groot is a Bundle as part of the Guardians’ Greatest Hits Season in Marvel Snap, available starting from May 3, 2023. Find out all the details you need to know, and plan ahead. You can also view all upcoming Marvel Snap Bundle information in our guide below:

I Am Groot Bundle Details

Start DateMay 5, 2023 @ 3 AM GMT
End DateMay 17, 2023 @ 3 AM GMT
Cost2,900 Gold

I Am Groot Bundle Rewards

Boosters465 Groot
Cosmetics• Variant: Groot Dan Hipp
• Avatar: Groot Dan Hipp
Title: I Am Groot
Throg, Frog of Thunder Bundle - [card name=
Groot Dan Hipp


I Am Groot bundle is not a good deal, either in terms of collection level progression, or in terms of cosmetics. If you convert 2,900 Gold through the in-game store, you get 3,625 Credits. this bundle offers 10% more – 4,000 Credits. This bundle has a value of 0.33 Tokens per Gold, which is also a small improvement over the standard value of 0.3. And it is a very small value compared to Token Tuesday Bundles, which have a Token for Gold value of 0.92. The avatar, variant, and title available in the bundle add some value to it, making its total value, compared to the store, equal to 1.6.

Groot is not played in any meta decks at the moment. With the release of Nebula there is a chance that the presence of the Groot in the meta will grow. But at this point we have to admit that most likely this variant will lie idle in your collection.

Edwin Hubble
Created by SafetyBlade
, updated 1 month ago
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
1x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
4x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)
1x Recruit Season
1x Starter Card

As we’ve said before, the May season consists mostly of not very good bundles. I Am Groot Bundle is no exception. We rate it a 2 out of 5 because it still gives a slight advantage over currency conversion through the in-game shop, but it’s far from the best way to spend your Gold, as better bundles are expected.

For more information on bundles value, find our guide and comparison chart for the May 2023 bundles below:

As usual, keep in mind the following points before purchasing Bundles:

  • The new maximum Credit storage limit is 10,000.
  • Players need to be at least Collection Level 500 before being able to see bundles that offer Collector’s Tokens offered in the Shop.
  • You can use any new Variant even if you don’t yet own the Base Card.
  • Variants offered in Bundles are exclusive and are likely will not be offered through other sources
  • Compare Bundle values using our comparison chart guide.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

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    • Dan Hipp is mostly good compared to Pixel, Baby, and Chibi. a lot of those are very questionable and the sheer mass amounts of them compared to anything grown up with a normal sized head.

      anyway, again totally biased article towards collectors token madness. if you care about credits then there is nothing better on the horizon for the next 2 months (for the price of gold), so people who care about CL-progression almost have to get this one if they have the gold.

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