Thanos Lockjaw Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

We often get requests for us to elaborate on our lower tiered decks in the Weekly Tier Lists - with HowlingMines often taking them out for a spin on stream to showcase their potential. This week, he's been messing around with Thanos - fittingly believed to be the hidden gem amongst his stones!

Howdy folks, friendly neighbourhood HowlingMines here – back again today with another Deck I Enjoy Too Much™

We’ve been trying out all sorts of goodies over on the YouTube Live Streams as of late, looking to showcase many cool decklists I find in the wild, but also to offer some gameplay to many of the underplayed decks we choose to feature on our weekly tier lists.

One of those such decks is Lockjaw Thanos – a deck featured in Tier 4 this week, mostly due to it being very new, requiring more data and being largely unrefined. If you know me at all, that’s exactly the kinda deck that speaks to me on a spiritual level, so off we went to try and crack the puzzle:

Lockjaw Thanos – MSZ Video
Created by HowlingMines
, updated 5 months ago
1x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
8x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)

This deck still needs work, I think – I briefly allude to maybe including Devil Dinosaur in the above video – but it has serious potential!

The power of Thanos is definitely in the stones: Time Stone allowing for turn 2 Lockjaw, Space Stone giving you the *space* (ba dum tss) – to move large units Lockjaw pulled around, and more space to trigger Lockjaw again, Reality Stone to deal with pesky location… once you add a cheeky Wave + She-Hulk + Death package, you’ve got a real powerhouse on your hands!

Being so top-heavy often allows you to secure games late, while being stronger than you’d think against Leech and Leader through Magneto and The Infinaut. The Soul Stone is also sneaky powerful when pulled up off of Lockjaw late.

But my favourite inclusion in this deck is Dracula, who just plays so well with the amount of six-cost cards you’re playing, is surprisingly easy to make sure has a large amount of power, and gives this deck even more game into Leader and Shang-Chi

Listen to the video if you want further explanations on certain cards, and I hope you enjoy the games!
Let me know what you think in our Community Discord, come find me on Twitter or come and join a livestream sometime on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 18:30pm GMT on the YouTube Channel.

Until then, I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve been amazing.
See you out there in the multiverse!

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