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Post-Patch Magik Combo Deck Primer - July 2022

Post-Patch Magik Combo Deck Primer – July 2022

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In today’s Deck Highlight, we have a Magik Combo deck by marimbist11. This deck that looks to play Magik on turn 6 after baiting your opponent into deploying their final turn, then using Killmonger and Shang-Chi on turn 7 turn the situation around. Ideally, you would have bluffed them into Snapping along the way! Enjoy the author’s deck and primer below.


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  1. Hey, deck author here. I recently swapped in Sera over Doc Oc and it is much better. You can do some really nasty things with that discount, like Magik+Wave on t6, Wave->Onslaught->Sera for some mega discounts, etc.

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