Pool Two Sandman Kazoo – A Deck By Seninha

Today's Deck Highlight looks to show you a sweet evolution of known Pool One Powerhouse Kazoo! How can an opponent keep up with all your early one-cost aggression if they're being painfully slowed down by Sandman?

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Today’s decklist comes from Snap Zone User Seninha through our Community Deck Builder! – Looking to give a fresh angle of attack to traditional Kazoo, what happens when we slot in Sandman to slow down the final turns?

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Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Kazoo – I played it so much in Pool One that I felt like a needed a huge break afterwards. That said, this list was quite refreshing. The gameplan of “fill the board, sandman to slow down opponent, keep playing anthem effects” is very strong, and Sandman seems to catch many opponents off guard in what they thought was a normal Kazoo deck.

I think the small “Ongoing” synergies are very cool here too, allowing you to play another final turn anthem effect in Spectrum, which does play well with many of the cards you already wanted to be playing, like Ant-Man, Blue Marvel, Ebony Maw and Sandman itself.

This deck is definitely a little soft to Killmonger, a known menace in Pool Two play, so keep your eyes open and try to respect it as best you can!

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  1. Just wanted to say, I really appreciate these featured deck articles. They always seem to come at a moment when I’m ready to try something fresh. So thank you!

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