LockJawbilee with Detailed Description – Savage Land Season

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Today we share a deck and detailed description by Valomar that features Jubilee and Lockjaw, updated for the Savage Land Season!

LockJawbilee (W/ Detailed Description) – Updated
Created by Valomar
, updated 5 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
2x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
4x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season
2x Starter Card

I have updated this deck considerably.  I have found that these new edits make the deck very versatile.

Ideal Sequence:

  • Turn 1 – Hold (You will have QS in your hand).
  • Turn 2 – HOLD 
  • Turn 3 –  If no Lockjaw, HOOOLLLDD!! (Yes, this is a Braveheart reference).  If Lockjaw, play him. If you don’t have Lockjaw, consider playing Scarlet Witch on an undesirable lane.
  • — Lane choice here is important.  Ideally, you will have Black Panther and Arnim Zola in your hand.  But if you have Arnim in your hand, any high power will work.  But, at this point, you need to reserve one lane that ONLY your Black Panther (or Hulk / Gamora /She-Hulk) will be going into.  Lanes that give you card a non-temporary buff (“+1 per turn” for example) are good -OR- lanes that give you temporary cuts (“All cards -3 this location”).  Black Panther will not be in this lane at the end of the game.  So, a permanent stat buff will be great, and a “-X” modifier will be a good bluff to your opponent.  Also, you should put the Black Panther in a lane that your opponent is stacking heavily in (you’re conceding that lane to your opponent).
  • Turn 4 – A few Decision points here:
  • — If you played Lockjaw in T3 and have Jubilee: Play Jubilee into Lockjaw
  • — If you played Lockjaw in T3 but NO Jubilee: Play Quicksilver onto Lockjaw, depending on how the game is developing.
  • — If still no Lockjaw, but you have Jubilee: Play Jubilee
  • — If no Lockjaw AND no Jubilee then the Gods must hate you: Play Gamora, Hulk, or She-Hulk
  • Turn 5 – Play Black Panther (or his substituted card) into that lane you identified earlier.  NO other cards should be in this lane.
  • Turn 6 – Play Arnim Zola on Black PantherBlack Panther will be copied to the other 2 lanes  at +16


  • TONS of high Power cards that power spike like crazy
  • Gamora, if played against a card correctly, is very powerful and if you don’t have Panther, she is a competent substitute because her On Reveal will trigger when copied by Arnim Zola.
  • Lockjaw and then Jubilee is ridiculous!  Jubilee will pull in a high-power card, and then can be played AGAIN!
  • Very Consistent Results
  • If you get a lucky draw of Arnim Zola  from Jubilee, sometimes you can play Odin on that stack and get a good copy of either Jubilee of Odin.  


  • The power spike can occur at Turn 4 or 5…. And your opponent often retreats.  This deck almost requires you to Snap! early just to ensure you get 2 points. 8-point wins are few-and-far-between.
  • You are stacking A LOT of 9+ Power cards in one lane.  Very, very devastating if a Shang-chi drops…


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