The Giants of Asgard - Lockjaw Thor Combo Deck

Lockjaw Thor Combo Deck Guide – Infinite Rank – Love and Thunder Season


In today’s Deck Highlight, we have deck built around this season’s theme – Thor and Jane Foster – by paper who is currently in the Infinite ranks. Lockjaw allows us to bounce Mjölnir in and out of our deck to buff Thor. Enjoy the accompanying full guide below by the author and check out their Twitch stream to see the deck in action!

The Giants of Asgard – Lockjaw Thor Combo Deck
Created by Paper
, updated 9 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
1x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
7x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season

Hey I’m Paper, a 3x Infinite player and streamer, and this is my The Giants of Asgard deck. I really wanted to make use of Thor and Jane Foster once I got them as Thor is one of my favorite Marvel properties. This deck utilizes Lockjaw and Odin in order to bounce Mjolnir in and out of the deck to make Thor as strong as possible while also dropping some heavy hitting giants in Magneto, Giganto, and The Infinaut. This deck gets sent into overdrive on locations like Sinister London, Kamar-Taj, and Cloning Vats.

I’ve had a lot of success running this deck in Infinite+ ranks as Shang-Chi is becoming much less popular (also the fact that this deck can swarm multiple lanes with big units really helps). The gameplan is fairly straightforward with a few distinct paths to take.


  • Turn 1 and 2 are just play what you have. Always hold Wasp in your hand, but play Sunspot if you have him and Armor if you know whether or not they’re playing a deck that she counters. This deck tends to float energy for Sunspot quite often so getting him down early is always a safe bet. 
  • You start to develop how the game is going to go on turn 3 in this deck. Green Goblin is a great card to play on turn 3 in almost all cases. The only reason I hold Green Goblin is if I have Lockjaw or if the opponent is setting up an Invisible Woman location. The other choice here is Lockjaw + Wasp. Just getting Lockjaw down is a pretty strong play by itself. You want to aim to play all of your weaker cards on Lockjaw that you haven’t played yet like Wasp, Ironheart, and even Sunspot if you didn’t get him down early.
  • Turn 4 is always Thor if you have him. If not, you likely have cards to play into Lockjaw so you can start placing those down. Note: If you plan to play multiple cards, with one being Ironheart, keep in mind the order that they’ll be played. Ironheart buffs 3 units so in some cases, you’ll want to play her at different times in the turn to maximize her buffs.
  • Turn 5’s only option is Jane Foster. Jane pulls out your Wasp and Mjolnir from the deck which is great if you’ve already shuffled Wasp back into the deck so that Lockjaw can’t pull her out. It’s also great for the obvious combo of the deck that is Mjolnir onto the Lockjaw lane. This is the main combo of the deck, and the reason for the inclusion of Lockjaw, to gain the benefit of Mjolnir’s +6 without the downside of having a 0 power unit on your board. Another plus is Jane Foster’s 8 power. Skipping turn 5 into playing The Infinaut is also a fine way to win the game, though since the combo has been around enough, it is not exactly a sneaky play anymore, so expect to be countered.
  • By turn 6 you should have a clear idea of how you’re going to win the game, either playing out what’s left in your hand, using Odin to double up on effects like Ironheart and Mjolnir, or playing a big body like Magneto or Giganto.

Tech Choices

Mostly any big units will work in this deck including Dr. Octopus, Hulk, America Chavez, or even Red Skull if played properly. In terms of the lower cost cards, I would mostly consider cards that disrupt my opponent while being cheap enough to use on Lockjaw efficiently. Cards like Yondu, Killmonger, Wave, Black Widow and other counter-specific cards are great fills for this deck.

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