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Galactus Deck With Wall of Text – The Power Cosmic Season

Our daily Deck Highlight aims to feature decks from our vast deck database (as we work to implement more filtering features, stats, and data) that our users have put extra effort into sharing, with detailed guides and videos.

Today we feature a Galactus deck that maidenless reached to Rank 70 with a guide!

Galactus (w/ card choices, explanations)
Created by maidenless
, updated 11 months ago
2x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
6x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)

Currently at rank 70 with this build of Galactus. Seems pretty strong, probably held back by my inability to snap/retreat well. Hope someone sees this and can take the deck to infinite!

Card Choices

1. Titania – I dont think I’ve ever played this card on turn 1. Heck, I might not have even played this card on turns 2 and 3 either. She got thrown into the deck only because I saw a list that ran it and I opened her on the same day. That being said, she’s won me quite a few games. One of the best uses for her is to pair her up with another card on the final turn for a big power push. Usually you’ll only do this when America Chavez gets destroyed, or you are ending a game with Electro having been played. Sometimes, 7 to 8 power is all you need to finish a game, such as in situations where you’ve dropped Galactus into a filled Patriot lane, or if your opponents get super aggressive into locations such as The Raft. I’ve also won big risky games with her where I pop her and then Green Goblin on turn 4 into an opposing 2-card lane with less than 10 power, filling it, then winning the lane with an honest Galactus on 6. Not the best card in the deck, she could go out once I get Doctor Octopus or Knull, but she’s got her good points. The combo with her and Green Goblin also helps with winning Bar With No Name out of nowhere on turn 6!

2. Yondu – Not much to say here about this card, just a great 1 drop that could get you a lucky retreat (seen it from destroying Cerebro, Sera, etc. ) and adds -1 to Death’s cost. Could be negligibe, but I did previously find games wishing my Death was 1 more cheaper so I could play a Shang Chi or just another extra card alongside her on the last turn. Every bit of cost reduction helps for Death, especially if you end up having to Galactus into areas such as Hellfire Club or Crimson Cosmos.

3. Sunspot – Great 1 drop. Helps you contest for priority even when not playing cards and keeps pressure up on lanes so your opponents commit more there. I may have missed some good points, but everyone knows how good he is anyway, so yeah. 

4. Electro – Could be the best or worst ramper in the deck, depending on your opinion (well, there’re only 2 anyway). Electro into Hobgoblin into Galactus into final turn America Chavez is a simple line that can win some games, but of course, having priority on turn 6 is always risky as we run the risk of just dying outright to Shang-Chi and any other card our opponent may have played before turn 6. Also a great card to slam right into Oscorp Tower or Murderworld.

5. Wave – Could be the best or worst ramper in the dec… you know the rest. Her most common line is definitely playing her on turn 3 into a turn 4 Galactus. Doesn’t seem like the best play, but if you can resolve a Spider-Man on reveal on turn 5, I’d say you have a 90% chance of winning the game. However, I only slam her down on turn 3 if I have Galactus in hand, or I’m feeling lucky enough to draw Galactus on turn 4. You have to understand that sometimes giving them the buff without you following up can just outright lose you the game. I also like to slam her down on turn 3 if I see my opponent play Psylocke on turn 2, as I tend to expect Mister Negative. I could be wrong, but I like thinking that I’ve denied them 1 turn of a double card play off Mister Negative.

6. Green Goblin – Just a terribly irritating card. With this and the other 3 energy cards in my hand, he is usually the least played on turn 3. Sometimes, turn 3 Green Goblin into whatever turn 4 into turn 5 Hobgoblin into turn 6 Galactus can also win games against opponents with sub-par hands or into negative power locations (Klyntar and Negative Zone). Just remember not to drop the goblins willy-nilly into destroy decks or you’ll be in for a terrible time. Also part of my aforementioned combo with Titania.

7. Shang-Chi – As with Sunspot, everyone knows how great of a tech card this is. Great on the final turn with Galactus if you don’t have priority, but there can be situations where you hope you do (against a solo Black Panther in a lane on turn 6, for example). He is also super important as he’s our get out of jail free card against an opponent who plays a high power card on the same lane as we play our Galactus (unless they resolve a Cosmo the next turn, then we retreat).

8. Spider-Man – My favorite card in the deck. I do see many lists not running him as he can be redundant a lot, but he does come in clutch for snaps especially with the turn 3 Wave into turn 4 Galactus into him on turn 5 combo. He does help to mess up some locations such as The Vault, but my favorite play with him in dropping him turn 5 onto Strange Academy and then hoping opponent doesn’t have Doctor Doom on turn 6 (if you don’t have priority). Could easily be taken out if you have stronger meta cards like Doctor Octopus and Knull, but I like him just fine.

9. Hobgoblin – Could probably just cut and paste the Green Goblin section here. Just a high power card that we can play on the same lane as Galactus. Just look out for Odin and destroy decks.

10. Galactus – If you expect me to write a wall of text here, you’re reading the wrong guide. Play him on an empty lane ASAP, then use your remaining resources to find a winning line of play. It’s really simple as that… I think. Always remember that since we are playing America Chavez, you will need to find a line to win without him if you do not see him by turn 5. That being said, there are going to be a lot of times where you draw him on turn 5 and still need to figure out a winning sequence without him being played.

11. America Chavez – Yada yada yada something 11 card deck something higher consistency to draw other cards yada. You’ve definitely seen the math before, I don’t have to explain it. Having her in the deck gives you a higher chance to draw Galactus. THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Also one of the most consistent turn 6 plays in the game (lol). Having 3 1-drops in the deck also heightens the chance of being able to play her with one of them on turn 6 if you’ve played Electro during the match. Probably would not ever take her out of the deck ever.

12. Death – Deck make big destroy. Death cost low when things destroy. Death 12 power for small cost. Death good.

Hey, why doesn’t your deck play <card>???

Just some thoughts on cards that see play in a lot of the other Galactus decks.

Doctor Octopus, Knull, The Hood, Destroyer, Leader – I don’t have these cards except for Destroyer. Would definitely try Destroyer out if I had Knull.

Wolverine – Decent turn 2 play, can give you auto wins in Luke’s Bar and Death’s Domain with a naked Galactus played in those locations, popping him into them at the end of the game. Other than that, he is pretty average IMHO. Would not discourage anyone from playing him.

Psylocke – No immediate turn 4 play on the next turn after playing her on turn 2, therefore I kind of feel she is a bit of waste if played on turn 4 for a turn 5 Galactus, or played on turn 3 for a turn 5 Hobgoblin. Would not discourage anyone from playing her.

Nova – Most of the time, only exists to give your Galactus and/or Wolverine +1 power. Could also be played in decks with Killmonger to buff up your squad. But… if I wanted to play that combo in a deck, I’d play Seracle instead. Would not recommend he be played in decks.

Killmonger – Fabulous when Central Park is revealed or against Patriot decks. I generally feel the deck already has a  good plan against Patriot, and you don’t see Central Park all the time, so… I’m kind of divided on him? No strong feelings on Killmonger.

 Gamora – Yes, she is great on turn 6 after Galactus, 5 energy for 12 power with 1 more energy to play a weenie in your hand is fabulous. But on turn 5? Hardly great. Giving your opponent a chance to Shang-Chi your face in on turn 6 is a terrible feeling when playing this deck. Play her if you don’t have Death or Doctor Octopus, otherwise, I think she is a hard pass.

Daredevil. – Great during Electro lines of play, terrible otherwise. If you end up playing turn 5 properly with 5 energy, the game is usually quite lost, unless you can use Spider-Man to finesse your way into a lock with Daredevil. If you play Galactus on 4, he is gone anyway. Wouldn’t discourage anyone from playing him.

Ebony Maw – The deck needs location space in order to pave a path for a well-placed Galactus. I don’t like being shut out of playing in a lane, especially if restrictive locations such as The Big House are suddenly revealed. Do not recommend that decks play him.

The deck is still a work in progress, but I did feel strongly enough about it to spend some time to write up a guide and post it on the Internet. Just hoping for someone to play it to Infinite, because I don’t have the fortitude to do so at the moment. 

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