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Thumbnail from the Developer Update video for the Thor season

Developer Update video: Nexus Events coming this month with new cards, Booster cap being raised

To celebrate the kickoff of the new season, Thor: Love and Thunder, Second Dinner have released a new developer update video with the one and only Ben Brode, as well as associate design director, Kent-Erik Hagman.

In it, Brode confirms that Nexus Events will be coming to Marvel Snap later this month. Nexus Events have been described as something akin to a loot box. You can purchase a Nexus Event using Gold and it will contain random loot, such as variants, avatars or even Nexus Event-exclusive cards. There will be two separate Nexus Events this month, which will see the release of two new cards, Jane Foster and Valkyrie.

Also in the video, Hagman discusses additional changes and features coming to Snap soon. One important feature is the ability for the devs to make balance changes without requiring a patch. This will allow the Second Dinner team to respond quickly to cards that need adjusting and should help avoid the situation from last month where Nova, Devil Dinosaur, and Moon Girl were terrorizing the ladder for weeks.

He also highlighted a new feature which will allow you to respond to cards your opponent played with emojis. Not only does this open up a new avenue for bluffing and playing mind games with your opponent, but I’m guessing they will add more emojis to the rewards tracks or sell them in the in-game shop. Lastly, Hagman mentions that there will be changes and improvements to the daily mission system. It sounds like the change will allow you a bit more flexibility in how and when you complete your missions, so hopefully if you are unable to play for a day you don’t completely miss out on the Credits.

At the end of the video, Ben looks further ahead than just this month and confirms that they are currently working on the prototype of the PC client. He also mentions that a new mode for the game will be coming in the not-too-distant future. Lots to be excited about!

Booster Cap Raised

Finally, not mentioned in the video, but announced shortly afterwards in the official Discord, Ben confirms that the daily Booster cap will soon be raised by 5x!

The Booster Cap in its original incarnation had been a very unpopular addition so it’s great to see the devs have listened to the beta players’ feedback and upped the cap so significantly. Previously, it was possible to hit the cap after only a couple hours of playing the game but now only the most hardcore of players will regularly hit the cap.

All together, the future of Marvel Snap is looking bright! Stay tuned to Marvel Snap Zone for more coverage and analysis!

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