Cage Trap

Cage Trap (Anti-Meta, Cube Gains) – With Detailed Guide! – Savage Land Season

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Looking for a deck for Luke Cage without any other Series 4 or 5 cards? Today we share another deck guide by Nicklebee!

Cage Trap (Anti-Meta, Cube Gains) (With Detailed Guide!)
Created by Nicklebee
, updated 5 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
5x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
4x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)

Cage Trap 

Put Your Opponents in a Cage!

Put Your Opponents in a Cage!


This deck looks to trap your opponent by forcing them into bad decisions. No trap is complete without bait: you lure your opponent by showing weak positions and manipulating power at locations. Now, the trap is sprung!


  1. LizardLizard becomes 5 power for 2 energy in this deck, whether it’s via Enchantress or Luke Cage.
  2. Luke Cage – The Cage of the aforementioned Cage Trap; he prevents you from falling into your own trap!
  3. Hazmat – Theoretically, she can swing up to 12 power in a perfect situation. Usually, it’s 6 or 7. Not bad for 2 energy!
  4. Cosmo – A great trap card and very meta right now. In high level play, decks tend to be be pretty predictable, so it’s not too hard to catch your opponent.
  5. Typhoid Mary – After Enchantress or Luke Cage, she’s more like the Virgin Mary: clean, virtuous, and with the power of God behind her.
  6. JubileeJubilee is just such a fantastic all-around card for thinning out your deck and making your setups more likely. Also great with Odin.
  7. Enchantress – A lovely little lady who can perform miracle cures on Typhoid Mary. She’s also very meta at the moment; Patriot and Zabu are everywhere.
  8. Hobgoblin – Do not undervalue taking away a slot from an opponent, especially with a relative power level at roughly expected price. He’s a big swing card and a good trapper .
  9. Spider-Woman – Another great swing card, though I find her to be one of the weaker parts of the deck currently. That said, she pairs great with Odin, especially if she were pulled by Jubilee first
  10. Professor X – He puts the telekinectic dagger in a location, enough said. Once he’s locked in, you only need to worry about one of two locations.
  11. Magneto – A ridiculously good Jubilee pull, and a great way to pull in opponents who have thus far avoided your trap.
  12. Odin – Big Norse daddy, ’nuff said. Oh, he also becomes a massive power swing when paired with Hazmat, Jubilee, or Spider-Woman? Hell, he can even proc Enchantress in a pinch.

General Strategy

The name of the game is bait-and-trap. Convince your opponent to go for certain locations (or let them just walk in themselves) and then turn those locations into prisons. You can do these in a few ways, and it is absolutely critical that you pay attention to the first couple cards the opponent uses to figure out what deck they’re playing.

If they’re playing an Ongoing deck, make sure you hit a central one with Enchantress (e.g. Zabu or Patriot or Kazar). If it actually is one of those three examples, or any Aggro deck, also be sure to wait until later on to play your Hazmat and Luke Cage. Let them overcommit, expect to have a big lead, and then drop a Turn 4 Cage and Hazmat, 5 Spider-Woman, 6 Odin… or something like that 😛. Be flexible, and generally let the opponent keep a lead early on.

If they’re playing something more On Reveal focused (e.g. Discard, Destroy, Surfer, Wong anything), focus more on controlling space and trying to increase the odds of your opponent playing their win card in a specific location so you can catch it on the right turn with Cosmo. Make sure to pay attention to when each archetype tends to play its bomb card, and adjust accordingly. Cosmo, Hobgoblin, and Professor X especially shine in these matchups.

When seems don’t seem to be fully going to plan, or you haven’t fully managed to trap your opponent by the end game, look for Magneto to potentially throw a (metal) wrench at your opponent. Suddenly pulling 1, 2, or even 3 cards from their current location can be a massive pain in your opponent’s game plan. Don’t forget he can pull a Wong or Cosmo, too. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Similarly, don’t forget to drop Odin on Jubilee or even Enchantress once in a while. If it seems like your opponent has caught on, then mixing up the game plan and doing something unexpected can win games. Don’t let the trapper become the trappee. 

Crucial Wisdom

I think there are two big things that will take you to the next level with this deck.


The first is to keep in mind when you want to let the opponent keep the lead early on so you can hit more cards with your power diminishers VS when you want to keep the lead early so you can hit a Cosmo or a reactive Enchantress. This might depend on the deck you think they’re playing or on which cards you have in your hand. Play smart, and know when to lead the opponent into the trap and when to pull them in.


The second is to play around locations. Consider which locations are generally advantageous to your opponent rather than to you. It’s more important to foil them at what they want to do than to, say, pull off a big move like Hazmat on Kamar-Taj. Of course, even in that example, the exception would be against Zoo or Aggro decks when you have Odin, too. Take advantage of the surprise from playing a Turn 6 Luke Cage with a power diminishing location present.

Playing The ~Meta~

If you couldn’t tell, this deck is all about countering your opponent’s game plan. As a result, the cards in it are likely to change based on the meta that you are currently in at your rank and collection level. It may not even be good in certain metas at all. You might also just not have some of the cards. Some adjustments to consider (not totally comprehensive, play around):

  • 🔴Cosmo – If you just don’t seem to be getting that much value out of him, you’re probably not facing a lot of Wong or On Reveal combo decks. Drop him.
  • 🔴Hobgoblin – The biggest downside of this card is that you often lose the game if your opponent plays Odin. Keep an eye out if you’re seeing a ton.
  • 🔴Spider-Woman – Not all that good if your opponents tend to be spreading out their cards a lot or playing decks that win with few cards on their side.
  • 🟢Armor – Great way to protect the many high power cards against Shang-Chi and disrupt Destroy decks (on Nova, The Hood, Bucky Barnes e.g.)
  • 🟢Rogue – Self-explanatory, she basically becomes a super Hazmat if you pull something like a Blue Marvel or Patriot.
  • 🟢Aero – I actually have not really experimented with Aero, but if the meta has a lot of big Turn 5s, Aero could be a strong inclusion

Now go out there and trap your opponents like the beady-eyed raccoons they are.

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    • There is just one S4 card for 3000 tokens in this deck. And Luke Cage is a really original and fun card. I unlocked it approximatelly a week ago and still having fun with it. But if you on S2 or low S3 collection level there are tons of deck guides already on this site.

  1. Sometimes I feel the need to post just to balance out some of the negative comments. I don’t have Luke Cage either, but I still enjoyed the guide, so thank you for featuring it.

    And poor little Rocket Raccoon in the cage….lol.

  2. Really appreciate the effort in typing this up, but I think criticism should be welcome.

    Before I start, I just want to say that the Sera Control deck set an incredibly high standard for deck guides. It provides an in-depth gameplan along with turn-by-turn decisions that make it accessible to everyone. Experts flourish with that deck, and beginners learn how to sequence their cards better. It’s a fantastic guide that should be the reference point to anyone creating a deck guide.

    This deck guide is incredibly broad, and it leaves me with more questions than answers.

    I’ll start with the general strategy.

    The main idea is to “bait and trap” the opponent, yet the next paragraphs outline plays that are not unique to this deck. Yes, we know how to Cosmo reveal decks. We also know how to Enchantress Ongoing decks. But there are several issues not outlined with this.

    Let’s assume that the main part of the game is to “bait and trap” the opponent. We only have one proactive card, and that’s (arguably) Lizard. We have no one-drops, and our 2-drops are the Hazmat/Luke Cage package, which are very reactive. If the idea is to bait them by literally doing nothing, then I suppose that’s an idea, but I would not describe that as “baiting” the opponent. It’s simply just playing tech cards properly.

    Speaking of which, the Hazmat/Luke Cage package is a very unique plan. Those cards can probably have an entire guide written on them. However, they are only briefly talked about in this guide, and I would argue they are the main pull to playing this deck.

    Additionally, it is mentioned that it is important to know when to have priority/vs not having it in the Crucial Wisdom section. It looks very difficult to have priority with this deck on a whim. Lizard and Typhoid Mary will do it, but I would bank on our Cosmos coming down too late too often. Same with Magneto. I just don’t think the deck maximizes the use of these tech cards because it’s difficult to get priority. That being said, I’d be willing to bank on Enchantress having at least a 90% success rate in this deck.

    Some card choices are baffling to me, even with the explanations. Jubilee seems a bit out of place, and Professor X could use a little more support. Jubilee’s whiff rate in this deck is quite high with the inclusion of the deck cards and the Cage/Hazmat package. I like the idea of using Professor X, since Hazmat/Cage still decrease the power of OP’s cards in there, and I would like to see that explored a little bit more.

    I think Spider-Woman and Hobgoblin are great cards that should be explored more. I can see Spider-Woman getting more play after the upcoming patch. I appreciate your use of them.

    All in all, the effort on this guide is appreciated, but I would like to see more depth. I would like to see what else I could do with the Hazmat/Luke Cage shell. What does this have over the Debrii/Wong builds of other Hazmat decks?

    Thanks again.

  3. A big problem with this deck is you do nothing on turn 1 and 3, very likely on 2 as the possibility of drawing Lizard on is not reliable.

    Turn 4 cage + hazmat? If you are playing against Zoo, patriot and maybe Zabu then it can be good on Turn 4 otherwise the rest of the meta generally don’t play alot of minions by turn 4.

    Cosmo is only good when you have priority so you can stop on reveal during your opponent crucial turn usually turn 6 (surfer, leader, ultron, mystique, zola) with this deck you don’t really have priority most of the time. In fact cosmo is only good in aggressive decks which is most of meta.

    IMO its really a weak control style deck compare to basic control sera with all pool 3 cards.

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