Falcon Draw

Beast Falcon Draw – Bounce Archetype Deck Guide – The Power Cosmic Season

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Today we feature a guide for the popular Bounce deck by Mtgcolorpie, using Beast and Falcon combo to grow Angela, Bishop, and The Collector.

Falcon Draw
Created by Mtgcolorpie
, updated 11 months ago
2x Collection Level 1-14
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
3x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season

How to win

Goal for the deck is to overwhelm with your cheap characters and use the synergy of the deck to build up Angela/Bishop/Collector large enough to win lanes. Use the Reveal abilities then get them back with Falcon and Beast to retrigger them over and over. This deck allows flexibility of locations to adjust your attack angle of the deck.

Tips for playing

Place Angela and Bishop in different lanes.

Perfectly fine to play a 1 drop on turn 1 (hopefully Iceman to slow them down or Hood to get the Demon token), Angela/Collector on turn 2, Bishop on turn 3. If there’s a 1 drop that synergies with your 2 drop, then wait to play that 1 drop.

Always count the number of 1 drops in you hand and at locations before you play. You can’t have more than 7 cards in your hand so keep this in mind. If you were to bring your hand to more than 7, the last cards you played won’t return to your hand.

Don’t be afraid to return only 2 or 3 one drops to your hand to re-trigger Angela/Bishop next turn.

Killmonger can still get you, obviously. Don’t be afraid to play out cards when you can return them with Falcon/Beast. That last turn Killmonger can wipe your board but if you’ve done enough with Angel/Bishop you could still win lanes. That’s why spreading it out helps.

Elektra seems like an out of place card in the higher metas but that’s mainly there for Sunspot who I’ve seen play in multiple decks. If you see a turn 1 Sunspot it’s almost a necessity to hit with a turn 2 Elektra because of the Armor followup.

Ongoing – Ant-Man, Ka-zar.

Reveal – Agent 13, Iceman, The Hood, Elektra, Falcon, Beast

Key Synergy

Angela -> Nightcrawler.

The Collector -> Agent 13/The Hood AND Beast/Falcon

Trouble Locations (And how to combat them)

I’m not saying to concede if you see this but look at conceding faster than normal if these pop up.

  • Central Park/Savage Land/Shadowland – You will pick up these Squirrels/Raptors/Ninjas if you play Falcon. Can be good for triggers but watch out for the number of cards in your hand. If you’re going to be above 7 when you Falcon, make sure you play the cards you want to keep in play last.
  • Crimson Cosmos – Basically shuts you off a lane. Ka-zar can go there but if you return a few 1-Drops with Beast you can sneakily throw them there too. Nightcrawler gets around this as well.
  • Dark Dimension – Your key cards rely on your play triggers and replaying them. Another good spot for Ka-zar if you come across it.
  • Dream Dimension – Personally my least favorite Location in the game. Slow your roll here as you most likely can only play 2 cards. Again, Ka-zar fits the bill here.
  • Mindscape – Try to keep your hand near empty when you leave your 5th turn.
  • Sinister London – This location is a Trap. You don’t get play triggers when you add them to other locations. You still get reveal triggers Like Iceman and Beast. There will also be more 1 drops to pick up with Falcon as well so you have to watch out. Cards to play here: Iceman, Collector, Bishop, Ka-zar.

The usual ones that add randomness (District X, Triskelion, Weirdworld, etc), just see what you can do but know that your deck is shot for the round.

Location Tricks

  • Avengers Compound – Make sure you have an Angela there, but my favorite trick is to fill the lane before hand then return cards to my hand with a turn 4 Falcon/Beast.
  • Bar SinisterNightcrawler -> Kazar. Turn 1 Iceman with this deck is risky; you’re returning 4 Iceman to your hand with Falcon and you might not get Falcon or have enough space in your hand to return them all. Of course if you have both in the opening hand then I guess do nuts.
  • Bar with No Name. You can play anything here as long as you can return it with Falcon. Play The Hood to get below 0.
  • Ego – Snap.
  • Gamma Lab – Be wary of Shang-Chi. You can’t return what you get turned into Hulks so be careful what you play here.
  • Kamar-Taj – Obviously use with reveal characters here. The Hood does give you two 1/6 tokens.
  • Kyln – Bishop/Collector here. If you have 1 drops, they get picked up by Falcon so be careful if you need to play it.
  • The NexusBishop is the best play here and high power cards at turn 5/6.
  • Hellfire Club – Just don’t play Angela here. Fits great with Bishop and Falcon.

Other cards to consider?

Unfortunately this deck needs at least one of two Pool 3 cards to work: Falcon and/or Beast. I ran it without Beast for a while if you only have Falcon and it does nicely; Beast adds that consistency you need in a deck like this. If you don’t have Falcon, this deck is just a modified Ka-zar deck and you can do better than this construction.

Cards you can swap out depending on how you want to play:

Agent 13, The Hood, Iceman, Elektra, Ka-zar

I’m reaching the bottom of half my deck being 1 drops when I feel that’s the lowest number you can get to in a deck like this. You need the numbers for returning to your hand and running Ka-zar.

1 Drops to consider:

  • Bast – Don’t have a copy, will most likely replace Agent 13.
  • Hawkeye – A 1/3 then return it to be a 1/5 isn’t have bad.
  • Korg/Yondu – Disruption in drawing. I prefer Iceman but easy switch.
  • Rocket Raccoon – A 1/4 to a 1/6 is great, if you can predict they’re playing at that location.
  • Titania – I don’t have her yet so I can’t tell you if this is good or not. I would be wary of playing cards in her Location because you tend to fill locations easily so you may not get her back.

1 Drops to avoid:

  • Blade – A 1/3 can be powerful but I don’t want to risk the discard of a key piece.
  • Ebony Maw – The first draft of this deck had it, but once you return it to you hand after turn 3 it just sits there. Pass.
  • M’Baku – Cute, if you only get the Kazar bonus at the end if he’s still in your deck. Once you draw him he acts like Misty Knight, just not a fit for this deck.
  • Mantis – If you really want to disrupt their draw and you know they’re playing at that location, can be an Agent 13 to get info from your opponent’s deck. Just a miss too many times for me.
  • Nova – You’re not destroying anything and if you’re getting wrecked by Killmonger, it won’t save you.
  • Quicksilver – You don’t need a turn 1 play. You get it plenty of times.
  • Quinjet – All of the cards started in your deck save whatever Agent 13 gives you. Nonbo.
  • Squirrel Girl – Ran it in the deck for a while, but you’re picking up too many Squirrels with Falcon.
  • Sunspot – You’re using almost all of your energy each turn. Might be a 1/2 or a 1/3 if you’re lucky.
  • Uatu the Watcher – Location knowledge isn’t too important in this deck as I just go with the flow. If you really want to know, then by all means throw him, in there.
  • Wasp – Not a 1 drop. Doesn’t benefit from Falcon or Ka-zar.
  • Zero – You actually want all of your cards abilities.

I hope this guide has been some help to you.

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