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Update to the Collection Level Road – Ben Brode Explains the Changes

The latest Marvel Snap patch introduced the first Nexus Event that has been anticipated and discussed for the past month, some unexpected card balance changes, and further updates to the overall economy and progression of the game. For the full breakdown, see below:

One of the big changes in this patch is to how players obtain new cards in the Collection Level Road. Before the update, at Level 462 and beyond, players obtained a guaranteed card from Pool 3 every few levels. The length between the individual cards took days, and even into weeks, with the interval increasing as the player progresses further.

Furthermore, the cards are also picked randomly, and often can be quite impactful to deckbuilding. This meant that some players who were unlucky were stuck with cards they are unable to use for a long time, whereas some players pulled the best cards to help them win more games. The system has been discussed in great length by the community, but hopeful that it could be fixed down the line as the game prepares for a global launch. After all, it was just released in New Zealand today.

In today’s update, Pool 3 now starts at Level 500, with a big alteration to the card acquisition method. Here is the summary:

  1. Killmonger and Sandman are now in Pool 2
  2. Mystery Card Rewards are replaced by a Collector’s Cache (Level 500 – 999) that you obtain every 8 to 12 levels, which has a 50% chance to obtain a new card, and a 50% chance to get gold, credits, or boosters.
  3. Collector’s Reserve (Level 1000+), that you obtain every 12 levels, which has a 25% chance to get a new card, a 25% chance to earn a new cosmetic reward (like a variant or avatar), and currency.
  4. There will be a “bad luck protection” in place that will make sure everyone who has the same Collection Level will have almost exactly the same number of unique cards as well.
  5. Overall, at Levels 1500+, compared to the previous patch, cards are unlocked around twice as fast.

Below is the rundown from Ben Brode, and we will be sure to follow up with our findings and reports on the new system soon (and updating the previous guides).

Hey everyone!

One piece of feedback we’ve been getting is that the Collection Level past 1000 feels… not so great. Part of it is the mystery rewards that have no bad luck protection. Part of it is looking into the future and knowing it’ll be a long way until you unlock your next new card. And it gets really rough past CL 1500 where every new card takes 96 Collection Level to earn.

We’re going to try a new system in our 3.0 patch that attempts to improve the experience. Starting at CL 500 we’ll begin dropping a Collector’s Cache. Collector’s Cache will have a 50% chance to have a new card, and a 50% chance to get gold, credits, or boosters. The amount of currency you get is significantly more than the mystery rewards we had before. GONE are the days of 50g at a time; now if you happen to roll gold, you’ll be getting 150 gold. (Yes, that’s 3x more gold!) Or, Instead of 100 or 200 Credits, you’ll get 150 or 300! (Yes, that’s 50% more!)

At CL 1000, instead of Collector’s Cache, every 12 levels you’ll get Collector’s Reserve. These boxes have a 25% chance to get a new card, a 25% chance to earn a new cosmetic reward (like a variant or avatar), as well as even MORE currency than Collector’s Cache, like 200g, or 200-400 Credits. Not only does this represent a huge increase to the amount of currency we’re giving out, it also means we’re significantly increasing the number of variants players will get from the Collection Level road.

What does this mean for how often you’ll get new cards?

Until about CL 1500, it’ll be about the same pace. It’ll be a bit more random, but we have bad luck protection in place that will make sure everyone who has the same Collection Level will have almost exactly the same number of unique cards. We want it to be surprising and exciting, but also fair. AFTER CL 1500 is where we’ve made the biggest change. Compared to the previous patch, you’ll be unlocking cards twice as fast as before. This is a massive speed-up, that we hope really reduces the feeling of it being a “slog”. It means that completing an entire collection of every card will occur much faster than before.

These are exciting changes that we think players are really going to love. Please keep the feedback coming – we know we still have a lot of work to do as we get ready to launch the game globally, and we’re counting on y’all to help us make MARVEL SNAP the absolute best game it can be!

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