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Marvel Snap Now Available in New Zealand for iOS and Android

The official Marvel Snap Twitter account has announced that Marvel Snap is now available for download on the iOS Apple Store and the Android Google Play Store in New Zealand, in conjunction with the latest patch:

The game was available for pre-registration in the Google Play store in Australia and New Zealand since July 4. For more information on how to play the game, check out our Marvel Snap Download guide and find out if it is available in your region.

For players on iOS, you can change your Apple ID region to Philippines or New Zealand, or make a new Apple ID in the available region (you’ll just need an address which you can get obtain through a random address generator).

For Android players, the Google Play Store has also been enabled for APK installers.


About New Zealand Beta

1. When does the New Zealand beta start?

The MARVEL SNAP beta will go live in New Zealand on July 19th and Australia a few days after that! Please stay tuned.

2. Where can I download and play MARVEL SNAP at this stage?

You can find our game on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store if your account is located in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia. We also sent out invitation links for the Closed Beta. Remember to check your email and our official website as we are planning to add more regions soon!

3. I joined MARVEL SNAP during the Android Closed Beta. Can I keep playing?

Yes! All your progress will be carried over as promised. The only thing you need to do is update your client through the Google Play Store and you will be good to go! Just remember to link your account to either your Google or Apple account before updating your client or switching devices.

4. I joined MARVEL SNAP before. Where do I update my client?

You can update your client from the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on the device you possess.

About New features

5. Will you introduce new features this time?

You bet! Many new features and changes will be included in this release! You can look forward to our Nexus Event, a new card emoji system, a rework of card upgrade effects and Weekly Missions. For more details, don’t forget to check out our patch notes!

6. What is the Nexus Event? How do I participate?

Nexus Event is a limited-time event in which you can earn brand new base cards and variants by consuming gold. “Test Your Might” will be our first Nexus Event with Mighty Thor as the featured base card. Try putting her in your deck with Thor and see how they work together!

7. What rewards can I earn through Nexus Event?

There will be three tiers of rewards with different drop rates, which are:

  • 5-Star Rewards: featured base cards and their variants. Variants can only be drawn once you receive their base cards.
  • 4-Star Rewards: new variants/avatars and random variants based on owned cards.
  • 3-Star Rewards: credits and boosters so you can upgrade your cards and increase your Collection Level.

8. I already acquired one of the 5-Star cards in the Nexus event. Will I receive a repetitive one if I keep drawing?

Nope. Once all 5-Star rewards are earned, no more 5-Star rewards can be received from this event.

9. How many attempts do I need for a 5-star reward at most?

Players are guaranteed to receive a 5-star reward at least once per 50 attempts until you acquire them all. Each Nexus Event can only be opened 200 times.

10. Will my attempts be accumulated in Nexus Events?

Yes! Your attempts to receive a 5-Star reward will be accumulated across Nexus Events.

For example, you make 10 attempts during “Test Your Might” and do not receive any 5-Star rewards. This means during the next Nexus event (currently planned every 2 weeks) you will “begin” with 40 attempts to receive a 5-Star reward.

11. What is a Card Emoji? How do I use it?

Card Emoji is a new feature introduced in this release that allows players to emote at the cards played and let their opponents watch them! Try tapping on a card and selecting the “emoji” at the bottom right corner! This can be done on the cards played either by you or your opponents!

12. Will there be new emotes coming out in the future?

Yes! Once we’ve gathered enough feedback and learned more from you, new emotes will be added in the future release. Your opinion matters! To provide feedback, you can contact our customer support team anytime via email or our official Discord channel.

Technical Issues

13. I cannot claim ranked rewards after a season reset.

You will need to play 10 matches to earn those rewards.

14. I cannot log in after this release.

That is probably because the client you are running on is no longer supported. You can try to update your client from the Google Play Store or the App Store and let our Support team know if it still doesn’t work!

15. I cannot make a purchase in the shop.

Please make sure MARVEL SNAP is downloaded from the official platforms. Running on a client retrieved from a 3rd party platform may result in data losses and purchase failure. If you were invited during the Android Closed Beta, please make sure the store account you are using is located in the following Countries/Regions: the United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. If the problem still exists, you can contact our customer support team at any time by hitting the “Player Support” button in “Settings,” or via email, as well as our official Discord channel.

16. I am not able to link my account to an identity platform.

It is very likely your Google or Apple account is already linked to another game account. Just let our support team know and tell us which account you wish to link to.

17. How do I get the latest updates and information?

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