Thanos Handsize

Thanos Handsize Walkthrough – Saurlor Moon Gauntlet – The Power Cosmic Season

Our daily Deck Highlight aims to feature decks from our vast deck database (as we work to implement more filtering features, stats, and data) that our users have put extra effort into sharing, with detailed guides and videos.

Today we feature a another deck by Alkahest_PT that is getting traction lately. It features Thanos, creating lots of cards, and playing a lot of them to grow the likes of Angela, The Collector, and Bishop!

*☽ Saurlor Moon Gauntlet ☾* – Thanos Handsize (with Walkthrough)
Created by Alkahest_PT
, updated 9 months ago
5x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
3x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)
1x Recruit Season

*☽ Saurlor Moon Gauntlet ☾* 

Hello, and welcome once more to another crazy deck archetype walkthrough, this time starting with your all-time favourite villain, Thanos!

What a nostalgic deck this is: we got colourful “skirts”, “Gojira” just to add some more 90’s japanese references, literally a “moon girl”, and a “space villain“! It’s the official supa kawaii deck! 😀 😀 😀

In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

This deck was built relying on the already perceived notion Marvel SNAP community is giving on the true power of Thanos as a stone provider, rather than a sheer power 18-Stat freakshow. The overall goal is to flood the board with small cards and capitalize on some core growth cards like The Collector, Bishop, Carnage and Angela. Falcon will be our main handsize provider, while Moongirl will try to copy our Devil Dinosaur always possible! As an alternative, we also have Blue Marvel for a little Zoo boost alternative! If you are lucky enough to play all stones on the board, you may get to add the 18 Thanos to a location, but I found out that the last turn is usually more of a gamechanger by placing your Devil Dinosaur correctly and maybe throwing a Mind Stone or a Demon to had some extra power to it! Now lets get into this anime-themed deck, shall we? 😉

|| Full disclosure: not a high tier deck ||

Because I always like to give a heads up if you are a strict Infinity Rank enthusiast: this is not your deck. Move along if you are interested in just grinding, there are currently better ways to do so through the ranks, and even better ways to build Thanos decks. This is my personal experience, climbing the Collection Level and being able to grab Thanos from the Token Store, and having tons of fun playing matches with a really interesting and versatile deck! This deck is funny even for the opponent to counter, by the amount of emojis I receive each time Mind Stone, Soul Stone, Time Stone, Reality Stone, Space Stone or Power Stone are set on the match 😀

With that being said, I have been starting to use Marvel Snap Deck Tracker, I can honestly say that while not being perfect, it is not that bad 😉

|| Location Trivia ||

Limbo is quite useful because of the extra turn it provides you for setting the Thanos last turn, but I still don’t have Magik, and I don’t really think it would fit that well in terms of versatility. That being said, Wakandan Embassy almost always lands me a victory because of the power it can provide to my hand stones, and Cloning Vats also did amazingly well, obviously because of it’s sinergy with Devil Dinosaur and The Collector.  If any of these are hot locations, this deck can get you a good amount of wins in the rank ladder!

Crimson Cosmos, Sanctum Sanctorum and Hellfire Club are extremely detrimental to your deck strategy, since you can’t use the stones that much and you will basically get a underachieving Moon Dinosaur chance to win. Lamentis-1 can also be very bad if you don’t get the right hand with you by the time you get your deck wiped out. If any of these are hot locations, avoid using this deck.

|| Detailed Walkthrough ||

  • Turn 1:  you will want to get either Quinjet or The Hood for 1st location board swarm to comence. A card drawing stone will also be useful, though i personally avoid using Time Stone because it can be more useful in latter turns, and also avoid Power Stone because of its vulnerability to Killmonger or Elektra
  • Turn 2: this is where you will want to have a location to have The Collector placed, or else Angela. I really like to place Angela if I have a Space Stone available, and wait for the location to fill and replace her afterwards to further buff her and get her to stay ENORMOUS. You will also have a chance to keep growing her with Falcon, which can give both The Collector and Angela a chance to reach to really high stats.
  • Turn 3: if you were able to fill a location with stones / The Hood , drop Carnage to get a powerful 8/9 drop on a location. If the first turns you weren’t that lucky on the card draw, but you at least have Bishop, feel free to start to grow him instead! This deck relies on getting stronger and stronger with at least one or two strong cards, so if by turn 4 you haven’t at least one of your “growth monsters” on the field, chances are against you and you may have to retreat or rely solely on the double Devil Dinosaur strategy 🙁
  • Turn 4: you will want to drop either Falcon if you haven’t destroyed the stones, or else Moon Girl to gain some extra juice, and bring The Collector to become the first/second highest stat card in your locations.
  • Turn 5: depending if you have a Double Devil Dinosaur or don’t , you will either aim to follow a classic Moon Dinosaur Handsize approach, or attempt to reach for the stars and have full-size Thanos on your side. I also added Blue Marvel if you are having some locations blocked on some rough matches, because sometimes all it takes to win is that little extra hand from his Ongoing buff. Since we are talking about tech cards, Killmonger is there just for a safeguard against other people’s zoo decks, and also if your location swarming is becoming detrimental, but you don’t want Carnage to destroy other important cards.
  • Turn 6: either by placing a Dino enlarged by a Mind Stone, or sending out a super villain on full blown roid rage, there is a high chance you will love these match endings! 😉 This turn can be a 7 turn mana if you save Time Stone for turn 5, and it can really make a difference sometimes, so be aware of this possibility!


– High versatility and overall ability to change game strategy according to the match (can either focus on a Blue Marvel Zoo strategy, Thanos sheer power, or double Devil Dinosaur combo)

– A lot of players struggle how to counter this deck archetype because it is not that common (Bounce Thanos is the prevailing alternative).

– This deck is a Budget version of other Thanos decks, requiring only three series 3 cards and one 5 series card, so it will be easy for a newbie to start to play and enjoy this complex deck archetype. You can use Nova if you don’t have Quinjet (my first version of this deck was built with him!)


– This deck can clearly benefit from some strategic tech card replacements, such as Bast or Valkyrie, that further boosts your stones.

– The Thanos deck archetype is currently more of a theorycraft than a real powerhouse on the rank ladder, it is more useful to play it as a “Moongirl Dino crazy twist deck” for the time being and still have a lot of fun with it, but in time it may become more relevant in the overall meta if more cards would sinergize with this card.

As usual, feel free to comment this deck, I really want to improve my  Thanos deck and know more about how you handle some of the current metagame troubles this deck finds! 😀 

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