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Dino Wong Deck Guide – The Power Cosmic Season

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Today we feature a detailed guide for a hybrid On Reveal Wong (only Pool 3 card required) and Devil Dinosaur hand size deck by MadKingMick.

DINO WONG [Guide included]
Created by MadKingMick
, updated 5 months ago
3x Collection Level 1-14
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
4x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
1x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season

[Guide, Card Alternatives and Location Advice all included]


Dino Wong is a basic combination of Wong On Reveal and Dino-Moon Girl decks in one. You basically have up until Turn 4 to commit to one of the two strategies of getting a Ironheart/Wong/White Tiger/Odin combo, or use Moon Girl to duplicate Devil Dinosaur and power through.

Of the two Strategies, the Wong combo is the most powerful and consistent with this deck in my opinion so that should be your Plan A, the Dino-Moon combo is less consistent the higher you climb the ladder but is a solid back up plan to push for more power quickly at two locations. 

You can very easily mix it up with Wong on Turn 4, White Tiger/Devil Dino on Turn 5 or 6 depending on circumstances and Locations

Step by Step Guide

Opening Hand: Ideally you want to see Wong, Moon Girl or Devil Dinosaur in there. If you’ve got Wong then look to push ahead with that strategy. If no Devil Dinosaur is there be sure you can get him in a position where you can duplicate the card in your hand, so ideally card 2 or 3 (from the left).

Turn 1: Play Sunspot, ideally at a “safe” location, otherwise Iceman for some disruption or Nightcrawler to give us movement options later.

Turn 2: Scorpion for more disruption otherwise play other 1 cost Cards if you have them, Agent 13 is great here if you can play two 1 cost cards, as she will keep your hand count high. Nightcrawler is the lowest priority to play here if you have all three as an option.

Turn 3: Ideally Ironheart and in an empty Location if possible to start the Iron/Wong/Tiger/Odin combo. By Turn 3 it should be obvious which strategy you’re going to go with, either Wong or Dino. On this turn don’t make the mistake of flooding the board with cards.

Turn 4: Moon Girl or Wong to set up your very own endgame. Play Wong on the same location as another On Reveal card like Ironheart because when you play Odin on Turn 6 it will reactivate them twice over. If you can’t play either and haven’t used Ironheart all ready, now is the time, otherwise play highest power cards and any cards that can build your hand and options.

Turn 5: Play White Tiger at the same Location as Wong ,or if no Wong and in dire circumstance, play at a location you’re giving up on. If you’re playing the Dino strat, play your first Devil Dinosaur at the safest location, that’s going to be the hardest to win for your opponent.

Turn 6: For the Dino strat, play your second Devil Dinosaur at a winnable location, if you can play Agent 13 as well go for it, so long as she can activate her effect. Otherwise you want to play Odin at the same location as Wong or America Chavez for a power push.

Card Alternatives

Nightcrawler – he is here mostly for his flexibility in being able to move, so you can get him out of the way to free up space for a Wong combo. Consider replacing with another 1 cost card that offers some for of disruption like Elektra or another movement card like Iron Fist for specific Locations that don’t allow you to play or destroy cards your cards.

This card is also a good candidate to swap out based on whatever the Hot Location is, for example the Hot Location right now is Vormir which destroys the first card you play there, so swapping Nightcrawler for Bucky Barnes, who comes back as the Winter Soldier when destroyed, is a good alternative.

Iceman and Scorpion – Both are used to offer a little disruption to your opponents hand early on but similar to Nightcrawler, both can be swapped out based on the current Hot Location if you can find same cost alternatives. Having some low cost options to play early is key.

With Scorpion in particular you can swap him for Cable to offer a disruptive function by taking a card from the opponent and also add some hand building for the Dino strat as well. Sentinel only does the latter in this instance.

Ironheart and Odin – These two can be swapped out for Patriot and Doctor Doom respectively as they have great synergy together. Doom on top of Wong will produce 4 Doomboots at the other 2 locations, and Patriot will boost them all to 7 Power each, giving 28 total at 2 locations if they are both empty by Turn 6.

Out of the two options, Ironheart + Odin is more consistent and risk free however as an Ironheart with Wong+Odin will give you more consistent power, and allows you to add White Tiger into the mix as well.

Locations Advice

General advice I’d give to anyone with location effects is to take them by word. If a location says “here” or some alternative, the effect only happens there and doesnt carry over to other locations and card effects will play first before the location effect. Here is some more location specific advice

Vormir – “The First Card you Play here is destroyed”

The tigers summoned by White Tiger don’t count as being “played” at this location so are safe, otherwise the first (and only the first) card here will be destroyed after its effect is played out, so Iceman and Agent 13 still work and only cost 2 power. Devil Dinosaur, Ironheart and Wong are a no go as the first card here, Wong and Dino especially.

Klyntar – After Turn 4 Merge all cards into one Symbiote.

Has to be noted the Symbiote doesn’t add +2 Power per card like Carnage or Venom. Complete no go for Wong as you need him alive as his is an Ongoing ability, otherwise your low cost cards are safe here.

Lamentis-1 – Draw 3 Cards and Destroy both decks

Often not a bad one for the Dino strat as it really only requires Moon Girl + Devil Dinosaur. Just remember to get your hand order sorted before using Moon Girl.

Nidavellir – Cards here have +5 Power

If youre going the Wong Strat , try to fill the other two locations as much as possible to try and get 4 Tigers here instead. With the Dino strat try to fill with highest value cards ending with Devil Dinosaur

Baxter Building (and similar power share locations) – Whoever is winning here, gets +3 at other Locations

Same as Nidavellir really. With the Dino strat its even more important to leave a Devil Dinosaur here with Moon Girl and Sunspot

Bar Sinister – When you play a card here, fill this location with copies of it

Great for Devil Dinosaur as he’ll probably get you anywhere between 40-60 power, otherwise can be taken advantage of for major disruption with cards like Korg, Iceman, Scorpion for major disruption, and then buff with Ironheart later.

Bifrost – After Turn 4 move all cards 1 Location to the right

If you’re going for the Wong combo you sort of need to play around this. Wong’s effect will follow him at the new Location so you don’t want it to be full on Turn 5 or 6.

Cloning Vats – When you play a card here, add a copy to your hand

Really good location for either strategy. Works as a free Moon Girl and Hand count builder for Devil Dinosaur and if you play two Wongs at this location you can activate Ironheart or White Tiger 4 times in Turn 6, really handy if you dont have Odin.

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    I guess it’s good enough if you haven’t pulled Leader (WHICH I JUST DID LOLOLOL… well, I bought it from token shop, but details, details). I realized that with Wong decks, you really have to draw three cards to win consistently, so there’s no big guarantees like with Leader decks where you copy the opponent’s big finisher on T6. If either Odin, Wong, or Ironheart/White Tiger don’t get drawn by T6 (worse if you have Chavez), then chances of losing those cubes are big.

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