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Ask the Marvel Snap Devs – June 26, 2022

Ben Brode answers questions from the community regarding the next patch, unreleased leaked cards, matchmaking, and more!

On the Marvel Snap Official Discord server, the team over at Second Dinner are actively answering questions from the community.

Here are all the answers for June 26, 2022. Some notable answers from Ben Brode include:

  • The next patch should be arriving sometime next week.
  • The unreleased leaked cards datamined are old and not the final versions.
  • Several months away from different game modes.
  • New cards can also be obtained via Nexus Events and another unannounced feature (not just Season Passes).
  • Wave is planned to be added to the collection pool in August.
  • Matchmaking is based on MMR. <3% of players are currently at Infinite rank, and 25% are at Gold.
In a game thats so badly credit starved why is the “fast upgrade” section still in the shop? In my first few days of playing the beta I bought from there thinking it was efficient…… i still regret it

Ben Brode: some folks aren’t credit starved – depends on how much you’re playing after completing your daily missions and how your boosters are distributed

Will new cards release exclusively through the Season Pass? Are there concerns that the meta won’t shift enough to keep players interested?

Ben Brode: No, they will also be released via nexus events and potentially through another feature we haven’t announced yet

So, for a mathc to be worth 8 cubes, both players have to snap before turn 6 reveals. Also, as soon as both players tap “end turn”, the turn starts playing. If I already hit end turn, and my opponent snaps and hit end turn inmediately I can’t neither retreat or snap back. Do you guys like this interaction or could you maybe add a pop-up for that scenario with the options to snap back, retreat or continue?

Ben Brode: That shouldn’t be possible. The turn can’t end within 15 seconds of a Snap. if you see it end within 15 seconds of a snap it’s a bug and you should feel free to hit up report-a-bug !

When the new season begins in a couple of days, which pool will Wave be added to?

Ben Brode: Wave won’t enter the Collection Road until the season after next.

Is there any plans for a 2v2 game mode or things like clans

Ben Brode: not in the short term, but that stuff sounds cool

When you reach a random Variant milestone (for example on the season pass) is it already decided that it will pick from my currently available pool of cards or can I just leave it there and collect more cards so the random variant drop will also consider those as potential targets?

Ben Brode: I’m not sure, but I believe you can leave it. Just don’t leave it too long – the season ends at some point!

I’ve leveled up 120 cards and Black Widow seems to never yield any boosters. Can you check to see if it’s bugged? I’ve played many games with her as my only common and never gotten any boosters.

Ben Brode: I have gotten Black Widow boosters! It’s random though, i hope you get some soon!

Can we get some clarification on this upcoming patch. Is it still happening this coming week? How will the patch notes work? Will the come a day ahead or some hours before the changes drop.

Ben Brode: Haha we have a meeting about patch notes on Monday! I believe the plan is still some time next week.

What does the team think of leaks? Should we be discussing them openly or just wait for them to be official?

Ben Brode: Some of the “leaked” cards are not accurate (they’re old) so I probably won’t comment too much on ’em

Any plans for card interactions? :0 like, characters reacting to places or each other?

Ben Brode: yes we’d love to do that stuff!

Is there a plan to standardize the wording / effect of cards that interact with you or your opponents deck? Yondu, cable, jubilee, mantis, etc? Some take from the top, some from the bottom, some just “a card”. Seems these should all just be “a card” leaving interactions with specifically the top / bottom of a deck as future design space. Also solves the issue with America Chavez being on top

Ben Brode: Cable travels to the far future – we thought that the bottom of your deck was a cool way to represent that.

Hi all. Just one question that i was not able to find an answer to. At collection level 474 it says „Variant Art Card“, but i received 100 credits, at the „Variant Art Card at 490 it increased to 200 credits. Is that intended? Is there just a chance to get an Alt Card? Best regards. Really enjoying the game so far.

Ben Brode: You might have an out-of-date version of the client

How does Ranked matchmaking work? I’m playing against people with the sunspot avatar when I am below rank 40 and it feels very bad.

Ben Brode: Right now it’s based on MMR, but we will be making some changes soon to limit how far away you can be to match with someone

Has the team considered a pity system for the mystery boxes? Something like, the likelihood is compounded every time a player doesn’t get a variant, so they are guaranteed to eventually get one. Because theoretically, someone might never get a variant from them since its only a % chance.

Ben Brode: yeah there’s definitely room for improvement in this system

Will rank rewards change next season (together with battle pass’ last day)? I want the Sunspot avatar so bad and I’m still at rank 54.

Ben Brode: yes they will. On the bright side it will be available again after global launch

Are there any metrics on where the player base currently sits in each rank? (% at gold, % at infinite etc).

Ben Brode: Right now it’s <3% at Infinite
25% of people are Gold right now

Whats the reasoning behind cards doing their on reveal before they do their played trigger?

Ben Brode: gotta choose one – this one felt simpler

How far away are we from having a unranked mode to play in? I have deck ideas that I’m not confident in but I want to try to play with, but I don’t want to drop down the ladder
Thank you for all the hard work on the game, I’m really enjoying it

Ben Brode: we are still several months away at least – we have to get our “game modes” screen in to get that in there.

Why did you pick the discard animation to be a sword slice specifically? Was it due to all discard cards having them or was this purely coincidental?

Ben Brode: the default discard isn’t a card slash, I think. It’s only for Blade, Sif, and Swordmaster

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