All Confirmed Characters Coming to Marvel Snap in the Future!

Hey guys, this is Tauna and today we are going to be looking at all the cards currently NOT in Marvel Snap that have been confirmed as coming in the future.

Are any characters NOT coming?

Marvel Snap Cards

As you can imagine, with a multiverse as large as Marvel’s there are many different characters that we’ll likely see in the future. While Second Dinner surprised us with including so many iconic characters straight from the start, they also added some more obscure characters such as Swarmor Aerointo the game.

This should give hope to everyone out there, that not only will we get favourites for everyone but it means the game will have characters to pull from for years to come.

What about characters that share names?

Lucky enough, Ben Brode (the Chief Development Officer at Second Dinner) already answered this question for us. For characters who share the same name, like Spider-Man Ghost Rider etc. there are two different options the team is looking at!

Depending on how popular the different characters are, either the characters will become Variants of the current characters or they’ll become completely unique characters.

Marvel Snap [card name=

We’ve seen this a little bit within the game already. There is a Variant for Wolverinethat is him looking like Weapon X, which is both Logan from the past and a completely different version of the character from other universes as well.

We’ve also seen images of Miles Morales as Spider-Manas a completely unique card too, so everything is possible!

So, what characters are confirmed?

These characters have come to us from various different sources, but primarily there was a teaser posted by Marvel that showed A LOT of various character titles.

These can all be confirmed as coming to Marvel Snap SOMETIME in the future, however, how far off is to be seen. In the initial announcement video, they said there were new cards coming every single month with new seasons, and later announcements confirmed there would be new cards with each Nexus event as well!

So, what characters are confirmed?

Character Name
Black Knight
Black Panther
Elsa Bloodstone
Hit Monkey
Jane Foster
Jean Grey
Kitty Pryde
Lady Deathstrike
Luke Cage
Maria Hill
Ms Marvel
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Phoenix Force
Red Guardian
Shadow King
Shanna the She-Devil
Silver Sable
Silver Samurai
Silver Surfer
Spider-Man(Miles Morales)
Super Skrull
The Void
Uncle Ben

Some of these are pretty obvious as to when they’ll be coming to the game. Ben Brode and the team confirmed that they will be doing tie-ins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe releases, as well as occasional events for different comic book storylines and such.

In 2022, we currently have still coming:

  • Ms MarvelDisney+ Series (clearly Ms Marvelwould be the character likely to come alongside this)
  • ThorLove and Thunder Movie (Thor, Valkyrieand Jane Fosterall feature heavily within the film, but they could just as easily add Lokior Surturas well)
  • She-HulkDisney+ Series (obviously She-Hulkmost likely comes alongside this, but Titaniais also listed in the upcoming characters!)
  • Halloween Special Disney+ (this one I have no idea if any of the characters here will tie-in to, besides potentially Elsa Bloodstoneor Mephisto)
  • Black PantherWakandaForever Movie (Shuri, Black Pantherand M'Bakuare all sitting there getting ready to release)
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Disney+ (This one I’m even MORE stumped by as we definitely have all the Guardians already! Maybe Nebula)
  • What If…? Season 2 is also meant to release this year on Disney+, but currently none of the characters up above tie-in directly to the show.

With so much Marvel stuff coming out every month, we can likely assume that one of either the Season Pass or the Nexus Events will focus on the MCU, with the other focusing on more general Marvel.

Two things are for sure, though. It’s going to be a lot of fun trying to guess what is coming each month, and Second Dinner have a lot of plans for this game in the future!

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