Winterverse Event

Winterverse Event: 14 Days of Login Rewards, Cache Variant Rush, and Bundle

Marvel Snap’s first-ever, limited-time holiday celebration is here! The Winterverse event runs December 20th, 2022, through to January 3rd, 2023, where players can collect 14 days worth of Login Rewards, open Winterverse Variants from Collector’s Reserves, and an exclusive Bundle for sale during this time. Here’s everything you need to know about the event!

Login Rewards

Winterverse Login Rewards
Image: Marvel Snap

Starting from December 20, 2022, players can collect 14 days worth of Login Rewards daily, until January 2, 2023. You can find them in the player Inbox in the News section of the game (you can only claim them on mobile devices, not the Steam PC Early Access client). If you do not see your reward in the Inbox, try restart the application.

December 20, 2022100 Credits
December 21, 202230 Boosters
December 22, 2022100 Gold
December 23, 2022100 Credits
December 24, 2022150 Credits
December 25, 2022Nick Fury Signed Variant
December 26, 2022200 Gold
December 27, 202250 Credits
December 28, 202230 Angela Boosters
December 29, 2022100 Credits
December 30, 202230 Boosters
December 31, 2022Black Panther Hero Variant Avatar
January 1, 2023500 Credits
January 2, 2023200 Gold
Total1000 Credits
500 Gold
90 Boosters
1 Avatar
1 Variant

The Nick Fury card is autographed by Samuel L. Jackson!

Winterverse Variant Rush

Winterverse Variant Rush
Image: Marvel Snap

During the 14 days of Winterverse event, every time you open a Collector’s Reserve, there’s a chance of opening one of the five new Winterverse (Winter Vacation) Variants (click on the link for the full list). These unique variants are only available during the Winterverse event:

Collector’s Reserves are rewards players earn after Collection Level 1000, that shows up every 12 levels. Usually, these have a 10% chance of containing a Variant. However, we will need to update players on how the system works once confirmed by the developers.

  • According to the official Marvel Snap Discord, there is a 5% chance that the Collector’s Reserve contains a Winter Vacation variant, split from the usually 10% chance of a random Variant.
  • In summary, this means that 1 out of 4 Collector’s Reserve is a cosmetic reserve: 30% Title, 30% Avatar, and 40% Variant. During this event, this is split into 20% Winter Vacation and 20% others.
  • There has been reports of players opening these variants despite not owning the Series 3 Base Cards already (Patriot, Rockslide, and Rogue), unlike how the other non-purchased variants work.

For more information about the Caches contents and drop rates, check out our dedicated guide:

Winterverse Bundle

Winterverse Bundle
Image: Marvel Snap

The Winterverse (Winter Wonderland) Bundle is available during the event period, costing 6000 Gold for players. It contains:

Winter Vacation [card name=
Winter Vacation Sunspot Variant

We rate this as a pretty good bundle for players especially for Gold acquired for free, as it offers a decent Gold to Credit conversion (6000 Gold usually equivalent to 7500 Credits) and Collector’s Tokens which are very hard to come by right now. For a more detailed breakdown, check out our dedicated guide:

Mobile Wallpaper

As a little bonus, the Marvel Snap shared a wallpaper that you can also use for your mobile device!

Winterverse Wallpaper
Image: Marvel Snap


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