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Marvel Snap Zone Premium

Site Performances Issues – Resolved!

We thank everybody’s immense support for Marvel Snap Zone! We have been having severe performance issues with the site the past week, and we are fully aware of your ability to browse the site. Thank you for reporting them, and we are finally at the stage of identifying and fixing what’s causing these problems. What we’ve done:

  • Server and CDN upgrades
  • Deck database is now running on infinite scroll
  • Reduced number of decks on posts, namely the Pool 3 guide that had 75 decks has been split into three
  • Optimized caching further
  • Forgot Password email bug

We’re now cautiously marking the issue as resolved – hopefully the site will run much faster, and you will not see any errors pop up. If more errors happen or you see the site slowing down – please report them on our Discord, Twitter, email, or leave a comment below.

Once again, thank you for visiting Marvel Snap Zone and we apologize for all the inconvenience caused.

You can still visit for the database information that are required and the tracker download!

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